Lincoln Photograph Exposed As A Fake; Museum Taken In


One Lincoln? Two? Are either authentic?

Sarasota, FL—A planned exhibit at a local history museum scheduled for June of this year featuring a recently-unearthed photograph purportedly taken of President Abraham Lincoln just days before he was assassinated has been canceled after a local high school history teacher advised the museum’s board that the picture is not authentic.

Sarasota’s Museum of American History director Carlton Jameson, PhD, admitted that “it looks like the photo, upon closer scrutiny, may not be a legitimate depiction of the president as we were initially informed it was. We apologize for the error.”

Jameson did not confirm where the photograph came from. A friend of Jameson’s, Louis Hughes, a teacher at Sarasota Central High School, happened to see the photo while lunching with Jameson last week. Hughes, who teaches 20th Century History and Driver’s Education at the high school, said he told Jameson he thought something seemed off about the picture.

After conferring with the rest of the board at a hastily-called meeting last night, the decision to cancel the exhibit passed by a vote of 9-1.
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Asteroid Hoax

Some experts say all the pictures of NASA with the asteroid stem from a single file photo.

Cape Canaveral, FL—An article on the website alleged yesterday that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which had been all over the news lately regarding the possibility that an office-building-sized asteroid would be buzzing by Earth this week and getting as close as 17,000 miles to us, might have been the victim of an elaborate, cruel hoax.

For nearly four years now, NASA had told all its friends and family and teammates about their relationship with the asteroid, named 2012DA14. But the Twitter and Facebook accounts of 2012 DA14 seem now to show posts and photos of an as-yet unidentified rock hurtling through space.

The article said the site conducted their own investigation into the asteroid and, “were able to discover online chatter among the perpetrators that was certainly the ultimate proof of this, the joy they were taking. The casualness among themselves they were talking about what they accomplished.”
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