Facebook, The Internet Ruining The Joy, Dread Of Actual Reunions

Reunion 2012

Reunion traditionalists claim that the experience of a physical reunion can’t be recreated on Facebook. Anti-reunionists claim that the reunion of the future reduces an individuals carbon footprint significantly.

Chicago—This typically is the time of year when people are attending their high school reunion, but thanks to Facebook and other social networking sites, many companies that would be busy now helping plan and put on reunions are seeing a decidedly downward turn in business.

“Facebook is to the high school reunion business what Walmart is to mom and pop stores,” said Maggie Tabet, owner and founder of Reunite Us, the nation’s third-largest reunion organization company. “They’re insidious. Insidious. I can only imagine that Mark Zuckerberg and his gang have no interest in going to their high school reunions, but if they did, we can help organize them. Those jerks.”
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