Source: Suzanne Somers “This Close” To Finally Letting Joyce DeWitt Back Into Show Business

Joyce DeWitt

Suzanne Somers has decided to lift the non-acting decree she placed on DeWitt decades ago. Some are calling Somers’ offer for a role in a rumored Thighmaster commercial an olive branch. Others say Somers is just rubbing salt in the wound.

Los Angeles—A source close to “She’s the Sheriff” actress and fitness queen Suzanne Somers has quietly confirmed exclusively to The Daily Quarterly that Somers is close to reversing her Hollywood edict that Joyce DeWitt, Somers’ former “Three’s Company” co-star, not be allowed any acting jobs under any circumstances.

“Joyce has literally been waiting for this for decades,” the source said under the condition of anonymity. “She’s busy now trying to land herself a new agent, and has been trying to line up auditions, something she hasn’t been able to do since the mid ‘80s.”

Somers first issued the non-acting decree for DeWitt shortly after she was written out of “Three’s Company,” feeling that DeWitt didn’t sufficiently support Somers’ extravagant, outrageous salary and working conditions demands. Once she was off the show, Somers went to work exacting revenge on people on the crew and the producers, but eventually lifted all the decrees, except on DeWitt. Continue reading

If You Loved “Cowboys & Aliens,” Get Ready For Bond And Han Against The Empire

Bond, Solo, Who

Bond, Solo, Who: The ultimate mashup.

Los Angeles—Well, we shouldn’t be surprised. With all the buzz surrounding the movie “Cowboys and Aliens,” it was just a matter of time before somebody in Hollywood came up with a way to capitalize on the chemistry and box-office mojo of Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig. To wit: James Bond meets Han Solo.

We’ll take a minute to let you come back to Earth after reading that. Better? Good. A source close to “Lost” co-showrunner Damon Lindelof has said that he’s working on an idea to pitch to both Eon Productions, who owns the James Bond film rights; and George Lucas himself, who owns everything else in Hollywood. Well, that’s not completely accurate, but he does own Star Wars.
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George Lucas Admits Jar Jar Binks Was His Favorite “Star Wars” Character; Doesn’t Really Get All The Love For Boba Fett

Red Tails

The scene at a Red Tails press conference turned Lucas-Con moments after Lucas stormed off.

New York—Despite being in town for a press junket to promote his upcoming Tuskegee Airmen film, “Red Tails” starring Cuba Gooding, Jr., filmmaking icon George Lucas was asked endlessly about his other films, particularly the six “Star Wars” movies. So after the seventh or eighth question about Princess Leia talking about memories of her mother in “Return of the Jedi” despite her mother dying during childbirth at the end of “Revenge of the Sith,” Lucas apparently had finally had enough of trying to talk about his future World War II film and let loose. Continue reading

Universal Planning Reboot of Expected-to-be-Successful “Cowboys And Aliens”

Cowboys & Aliens

Cowboys & Aliens: fans will ultimately decide if "pre-boot" pays off for franchise.

Hollywood—Universal announced today that it plans to reboot “Cowboys & Aliens” and is looking at an opening date of May 27, some nine weeks before the “first” “Cowboys & Aliens” hits theaters.

“Based on the buzz we’ve gotten since we announced ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ last year, we really think now is the time to capitalize on it and reboot the franchise,” Universal spokesman Jay Horowitz said.
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