TDQ Tech And Showcase Day!!

PMSIt may be the madness that comes with March itself, or it may be that we’re still stunned by this ridiculous winter, but whatever the reason, we are once again combining two great things for a TDQ Tech and TDQ Showcase piece. Our pals at The The GrinderyGrindery bring you Google autonomous vehicle news, and we’ve also got a really cool PMS Comics montage comic.

Seems like old times, kids. Enjoy.

You are now both technologically and internet comically informed. Go and do likewise.

TDQ Tech For The Week Of 4/2/12

The GrinderyIn this week’s TDQ Tech, The Grindery tells you about exciting and not at all scary things happening over at IBM, and they also give an update on Google’s latest privacy policy, which may possibly be their last update.

We’re not so much worried about what the government or hackers find on our Google searches, we’re more worried about what our wives find on our Google searches. I had to think very quickly a few months ago when my wife asked who Bibi Jones was. Thanks, Gronk.

You are now technologically informed. Go and do likewise.

Google To Begin Making Users Of Google Earth Buy Passports To View Other Countries

Google Passport

Google Passport, for use with Google Earth, will be available in traditional RFID equipped paper passport, and as an app for Android phones featuring near-field communication.

San Francisco, CA—If you were planning on checking out another country this year using Google Earth, it might just affect your wallet like never before. The company announced yesterday they will start to charge users for Google Passports for those wishing to leave their home countries to peruse other locales using the popular pictorial Earth software.
“On no other real-world travel excursion can you visit another country without the necessity and expense of a passport,” said Google spokesman Wayne Dorsey, “why should this be any different? If you plan on crossing a border, you need to pay for a passport. It is what it is. Suck it up.”
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“I’m Gumby, Dammit!” Google Under Fire For “Google Doodle” With Famous Green Guy

Gumby, Pokey, Yahoo!

Yahoo's multi-million dollar ad campaign may have been compromised by Google's tribute to Art Clokey.

Mountain View, CA—If you performed a Google search on October 12th, you likely noticed another fun little “Google Doodle” that the smart guys over at Google do every now and then on special occasions like birthdays, holidays or some important, obscure, little-known anniversary of something or other. Because on the 12th, the Google folks did a little doodle consisting of balls of colored clay that turned into animated characters of varying levels of fame commemorating pioneering stop motion clay animator Art Clokey’s 90th birthday. 
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