Woman Out Of Her Mind With Rage Over Tom Hanks Cursing On Live TV

Boise, ID—A woman is terribly disturbed and heartbroken over Tom Hanks’ recent language snafu on “Good Morning America,” wherein the two-time Academy Award winner accidentally said the F-word on live television while speaking in the voice of one of his characters from his upcoming film, “Cloud Atlas.” In fact, the woman said she is so upset over the incident that she is calling for Hanks to give back his Oscars and leave the country immediately.

Candy Stephenson, 43, who described herself as a “huge former Hanks fan,” is petitioning for Hanks to be stripped of his two Oscars, and said no matter what else he’s done in his career to this point, it’s his language on “Good Morning America” he will be most remembered for, as it should be.

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TDQ Investigates: Another Would-Be Journalist Caught Making Bad Decisions Hurts The Profession

As a former journalism student myself, it saddens me to read about an intern in Arizona plagiarizing stories while working at The East Valley Tribune. I’m especially sad as this student goes/went to my old pal Jason Manning’s school.

Don’t worry, though. TDQ readers can be sertain that each and ever artikle is fakt-cheked, red and re—red to mak sure it meats our highist righting standards.

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Most will criticize Raquel Velasco but there could be a simple explanation.

But it’s clear that things are changing in the profession, with both student journalists and professionals getting caught for questionable or blatant disregard for journalistic ethics.

Established, well-regarded journalists now seem to be exposed for out-and out-lying, plagiarizing or sloppy editing just about every week. Is this the new norm? To some people, it sure seems that way.
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