“I’ll Take The Working Class Drunk Over The Socialite Drunk Any Day:” A TDQ Q&A With English Teacher Jay Haffner

Jay Haffner

Educator Jay Haffner struggles to balance the equation of how to expose students to the good information on the internet without exposing them to the bad. (And it isn't because he's an English teacher.)

This week, The Daily Quarterly speaks to Apopka High School English teacher Jay Haffner. Once we spit out our gum and quieted down, Mr. Haffner talked with us about the state of writing in American high schools, Dungeons and Dragons and the stunning lack of access to short wave radios during his childhood. Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A with English teacher Jay Haffner:

The Daily Quarterly: How did you hear about thedailyquarterly.com?

Jay Haffner: I heard about The Daily Quarterly through the wonders of social media. I logged onto Facebook one day and noticed I had a couple of requests to join some groups. Sandwiched in between the “I Lost 50 Pounds In 24 Hours” group and the “Dungeons and Dragons” fan page was a request for The Daily Quarterly. I figured, “Why the hell not?” on all three requests!
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TDQ Investigates: Reasoning Behind Dr. William Gray’s Predictions All There In Black And White (And Green?)

For The Money

Like most meteorologists, it seems hurricane predictor Dr. Gray is just in it for the money.

We’ve sifted through weather charts, hurricane printouts, Dungeons & Dragons dice and numerous versions of “The Game Of Life.” We’ve even spent some time playing “Trouble” with its Pop-o-matic bubble. But we keep coming reaching the same conclusion about the motivation behind Dr. William Gray and his hurricane “predictions,” and that motivation is: yep, you guessed it, money.

In the seemingly mundane, button-down world of academia and meteorology, it comes back to that great equalizer, cash. We would have thought that Dr. Gray would be above money, that he was in it for the science, the sheer joy of crunching the data and coming up with the golden number for the hurricane season. Continue reading