“I Just Couldn’t Live My Life Always Wondering ‘What If,’ So I Went For It:” A TDQ Q&A With Bo Keister

We have to imagine Bo Keister had some kids make fun of his name when he was growing up.  Think about it...Bo. B. O.  Kids can be so cruel.

We have to imagine Bo Keister had some kids make fun of his name when he was growing up. Think about it…Bo. B. O. Kids can be so cruel.

This week’s TDQ Q&A is with actor Bo Keister. Bo spoke to us about leaving Hollywood for Virginia, his show “The Hillbilly Horror Show” and working with our favorite actor Denzel Washington. (Well, our second favorite actor behind Bo himself). Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A with Bo Keister: 

The Daily Quarterly: What made you want to be show business?

Bo Keister: As a kid, I was always into movies. I watched everything I could get my hands on, and it left its mark on me. I did plays in school, performed in choirs, and loved being on stage. But being from a small town, making it a career seemed impossible, so I kind of gave up on the idea.

When I got to college, nothing really caught my attention. There were just no majors where I said, “Yeah! I want to do that for a living.” I still had an avid love for movies, and decided to take a chance.

My dad did some snooping around and learned that Wilmington, NC had a lot of film work going on, so I drove down and checked it out. A week later, I moved there and dove in head first.

It’s one of the scariest things I have ever done, and thankfully it’s worked out. I guess I just couldn’t live my life always wondering “what if,” so I went for it.

TDQ: What was your favorite horror movie growing up?

BK: Oh, geez! That’s a tough one! There were so many great ones when I was growing up. If I had to choose one, then I’d have to go with the original “Friday the 13th.” That was my first.

TDQ: Who are your influences?

BK: I’ve had too many personal mentors in my life to name, not the least of which would be my parents, so I’ll narrow it down to actors.

I’ve always been a huge Tom Hanks fan. He has such a perfect “every man” quality to him, and he plays his roles so flawlessly you forget you’re watching him. As far as intensity goes, it doesn’t get much better than Denzel Washington. It’s a thrill to say I’ve worked with him on Remember the Titans. Lastly, I’d say Kevin Spacey. He spent a great portion of his early film career playing smaller character roles, and then when he got his shot with The Usual Suspects he blew it up. It’s hard not to admire a person who made the most of an opportunity and wowed everyone with his skills.

I can only hope to be as great as those guys one day.

TDQ: What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

BK: My first acting coach once told me, “In this business, a thimble full of boldness will make you rich.” That’s always stuck with me. When I question taking a chance in an audition, or making a bold choice for a character, that always pops into my head and gives me the gumption to try something I might have otherwise been too afraid to attempt.

TDQ: What is the worst advice you’ve ever gotten?

BK: Early on, I had many that I considered friends tell me to give up; that I was chasing a pipe dream and would never succeed. All of them said, just finish school and get a regular job. Very few thought I would make it this far; yet, 17 years later, here I am. Still going, and not going anywhere but up.

Truthfully, I should thank them. They were the fuel to the fire and drove me.

TDQ: Tell us about “The Hillbillly Horror Show”

Between shots on the set of Hillbilly Horror show we see Scott Geiter and Bo Keister presenting a makeshift birthday cake to fellow cast member Rachel Faulkner who, we must say, looks great for a 69 year old.

Between shots on the set of Hillbilly Horror show we see Scott Geiter and Bo Keister presenting a makeshift birthday cake to fellow cast member Rachel Faulkner who, we must say, looks great for a 69 year old.

BK: Hillbilly Horror Show started with the concept of creating a series that was “Hee Haw meets Tales from the Crypt” to showcase independent horror short films. Horror host shows have always been popular, but they’ve died off a bit over the years. We saw an opportunity to revive it, and it’s turned out well. What you end up with is an anthology of top notch horror shorts, blended into a comedic wrap around story that centers on our hillbilly family.

Volumes 1 and 2 are out on DVD, with 3 available for pre-order via Amazon, and volume 4 coming later this year. In addition to DVD, we’re on multiple Roku channels, VOD in the UK, South Korea, and India, and we’re hoping to launch on iTunes and Amazon Prime soon. Continue reading

Kim Kardashian To Play Olive Oyl In New “Popeye” Live-Action Movie

Popeye The Sailor Man

Critics promise, “If you love the original you will be disappointed.”

Los Angeles—Sources confirmed yesterday that Paramount Pictures has finalized casting for an upcoming re-boot of the world’s most popular one-eyed sailor, “Popeye,” and the “biggest” surprise among the cast is Kim Kardashian’s winning of the role of Olive Oyl.

Played by Shelley Duvall in the 1980 Robert Altman musical version, Olive is the long-suffering love interest of the sailor man. In this iteration, the title role will be played by Ben Foster.

“We’ve made a conscious decision to stay far away from the Altman version, despite how wonderful that film was,” said Kardashian’s representative. “This film will be darker and grittier than the original, with no musical numbers, and it will be more true to the source material.”

Billy Gardell has been cast as Popeye’s nemesis, Bluto, with the role of the Commodore going to Bill Murray.

This film version will have other villains that originated in the comic strip, unlike the 1980 Altman version, which only had Bluto as the main villain. Holland Taylor will play the Sea Hag, and January Jones will play Alice the Goon. Continue reading

Johnny Knoxville To Star In “The Pride Of The Yankees” Remake

The Pride Of The Yankees

Johnny Knoxville is Lou Gehrig in The Pride Of The Yankees.

Los Angeles—Representatives for “Jackass” TV and film series star Johnny Knoxville confirmed yesterday that he will star as famous baseball player and ALS victim Lou Gehrig in an upcoming remake of “The Pride of the Yankees,” the 1942 classic starring Gary Cooper as the Yankees star first-baseman who died in 1941.

Knoxville has also signed on as a producer of the remake, with “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” writer and director Jeff Tremaine slated to write the script, which is reportedly “85 to 90% done, they’re just trying to figure out the ending.”

Knoxville reportedly has spent “like, the last week, week and a half learning everything there is to know about the sport of baseball, and has immersed himself in the history of the New York Yankees baseball club,” according to his reps.

Other members of the cast reportedly attached to the project are Bam Magera as Dr. Jones, the Mayo Clinic doctor who diagnosed Gehrig, and Steve-O as Gehrig’s manager on the Yankees, Miller Huggins.

Sarah Chalke has been tagged to play Gehrig’s wife, Eleanor. Barry Bonds has been approached about portraying Wally Pipp, the player Gehrig filled in for at first base beginning his famous consecutive-game streak, which earned Gehrig the nickname, “The Iron Horse.”

Denzel Washington has been cast as Gehrig’s former hero and later teammate, baseball Hall of Famer Babe Ruth.

Knoxville’s representatives said that filming reportedly will begin in Vancouver in November, with a release date hoped for by July 3, 2015.

Confirming the announcement, Knoxville himself tweeted yesterday, “sUper (sic) xcited (sic) to portray Yanke (sic) great and my alltime (sic) HERO LOU GEARIG (sic)!!!!” Knoxville has also credited Ken Burns’ baseball documentary “Baseball” for everything he has learned recently about the sport, tweeting, “MAjor shout out to my boi (sic) Ken Burns for his AWEsom (sic) doc ‘BASEBALL!’ Taut (sic) me everything about the Game!” Continue reading

Jared Leto To Star In Bob Ross Biopic

The Joy Of Painting With Bob Ross

Jared Leto is Bob Ross in The Joy Of Painting With Bob Ross.

Hollywood—Sony Pictures announced yesterday that they were beginning production next month on a biographical film about famed painting instructor and PBS stalwart Bob Ross, which will star recent Academy Award winner Jared Leto.

“We have long wanted to get this movie made, and now that Jared is on board, we’re just thrilled,” said producer Toby Emmerich. Emmerich, best known as a producer of the “Final Destination” series, has also written the screenplay.

Leto’s publicist released a statement saying, in part, “Jared literally could not be happier to take on this new role. He is quite certain that he would have gotten along with Bob Ross famously. As many of you know, Jared is himself an accomplished artist, dabbling in many media, and is very, very excited to tackle this challenging role and be able to show off his own artistic talent. And rest assured his recent winning of a much-deserved Oscar will not in any way diminish the work and effort he will put forth in doing this role. Namaste.”

The role of Ross’ second wife, Jane, will be played by Clare Bowen of TV’s “Nashville.” Bowen will also have a number of songs on the film’s soundtrack.

Kevin Dunn has been cast as a gruff, unlikeable PBS executive who Ross has to win over with his painting style and general low-key demeanor.

Denzel Washington has signed on to portray Ross’ Army sergent while stationed in Alaska during the 1960s and 70s, where he often said he honed his quick, unique style of painting.
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Movie Version Of “Wings” Flying Into Theaters This Fall


Wings: The Movie!

Hollywood—Fans of the Franco brothers as well as 1990s television will both have something to be happy about this fall. Universal confirmed yesterday that they are beginning production next month of a film version of “Wings” starring James and the other Franco brother as Joe and Brian Hackett, the proprietors of Sandpiper Air immortalized on NBC from 1990 through 1997.

Also announced to round out the cast of the “Cheers” spinoff set at the fictional Tom Nevers Field in Nantucket, Katherine Heigl as the former obese cellist-turned snack counter owner Helen Chappel, Helen Mirren as counter clerk Fay Cochran, Horatio Sanz as competitor airline owner Roy Biggins, Jason Siegel as airplane mechanic Lowell Mather and Denzel Washington as down-on-his-luck immigrant cabbie Antonio Scarpacci.

Tony Kushner, who wrote the screenplay for 2012’s “Lincoln,” wrote the script. No director has been attached yet, but Franco said he wasn’t too concerned. “No, not really. We could probably go out and do the blocking and direction ourselves, really, this cast is so strong. It literally is a dream come true to work with everybody in this film. I can’t wait to get started. Seriously.”
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