Rumer Willis And Cara Mia Wayans To Star In “Last Boy Scout” Remake, “The Last Girl Scout”

The Last Girl Scout

The Girls Scouts of the USA organization has requested that we emphasize they have nothing to do with this film.

Los Angeles—In what turned out to be an actual, serious news conference yesterday, producers announced that later this summer Sony Pictures will begin production on a remake/retelling/reboot of the Bruce Willis/Damon Wayans stinker “The Last Boy Scout” starring the daughters of the original film’s stars, Rumer Willis and Cara Mia Wayans.

In the 2012 incarnation, Willis will play ex-tennis player Serena Volkov, who was banned from professional tennis for life for gambling. Wayans will play R.J. Thomas, the ex-Secret Service agent-turned private detective who has to run from the police because they believe she killed her philandering husband, played by Dule Hill from TV’s “Psych.”
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