Katie Couric Taking Her Talents To…?

Katie Couric

Couric with Palin on the set of a yet-to-be named television pilot.

It appears that Katie Couric has quite a few options to choose from if she doesn’t decide to renew her contract at CBS News when it expires June 4. But an anonymous source close to the situation has reported that Couric is very interested in doing a television show, and is spending quite a bit of time brainstorming to come up with the perfect pitch to take to the networks.

“She has some terrific ideas,” the source said. “She really thinks that network television is just ripe for some new, original ideas, and she has those in spades.” Continue reading

A “Cop Rock” Comeback? 10-4

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Los Angeles, CA—Despite being an unmitigated disaster when it first aired on ABC 20 years ago, there are some clearly stoned or intoxicated people in Hollywood who think that it would be a good idea to revisit-are you ready for this?-“Cop Rock.”

The original series, a mix between a “musical” and police procedural (yeah, who would have thought that could fail?) created by Steven Bochco and William Finkelstein contaminated airwaves for 11 weeks in 1990 before ABC mercifully pulled the plug.
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