“I Listen To A Lot Of People From A Very Diversified Background And Culture:” A TDQ Q&A With CJ Comu

CJ Comu

CJ Comu with Luis Guzman and a bottle of FulHum. Let’s just say if it’s good enough for Luis Guzman it’s almost too good for the staff of The Daily Quarterly.

This week’s TDQ Q&A is with entrepreneur CJ Comu. CJ spoke to us about how his natural beverage, FulHum, was made the official beverage of Earth Day 2016, how great his hometown of Dallas is for businesses and Canada’s climate got him started as an entrepreneur. Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A With CJ Comu:

The Daily Quarterly: What was the first business you launched?

CJ Comu: I started my first business (age 10) of shoveling snow for $5 a driveway in Canada. My business grew so much that I actually hired kids (my age) to shovel snow for $4 and had my first profitable business – enough to buy some fun stuff and go to the movies.

TDQ: How did you get into the natural water business?

CJC: I got into the “natural beverage” business – by accident. I was in London on business and had lunch with one of our partners – who invited a (82 year old) friend to join us. After I met this man who (walked over an hour to the Restaurant – crushed my hand on our handshake and ordered a steak for lunch) I naturally asked – how he looked so great. He stated he found a liquid concentrate that contained “Fulvic & Humic” compounds and that started my quest for the source and bottling of this amazing mineral composition.

CJ Comu

CJ Comu with Jamie Foxx and a bottle of FulHum. If this is how Jamie Foxx is getting his fulvic and humic acid then sign us up.

TDQ: Who are your influences?

CJC: Great leaders that have overcome adversity and prevailed. One of my former dear friends and business contact was Steve Jobs. I was one of the first developers of software for the Apple II in 1980 and had the chance to meet Steve and hear his vision of wanting to “put a Computer in ever Home in America” – unfortunately I wish I would have been more in tune with his vision and would have possibly surfed that wave — longer!!

TDQ: What was the best advice you ever received?

CJC: “Stay the Course” was probably one of the more relevant words that I heard from a very old and dear friend that helped me stay focused and understand that life and business is not only (not what you thought or drew up) but a path that will sometimes take you off the main track and key is to (stay the course) and stay focused on what your goals/path are.

TDQ: What is the worst advice you ever received?

CJC: I don’t think I can honestly say I’ve received “worst advice” that has resonated with me that I recall. I listen to a lot of people from a very diversified background and culture. I do not think there is any great or bad advice — just advice that you need to manage and determine how it applies (or not) to your life and circumstances — at the time.

FulHum EarthWater

Rumor has it that CJ was able to include 10% more volume by adding the Earth to the top of the bottle.

TDQ: Tell us about EarthWater, aka FulHum…

CJC: EarthWater was the name I thought or that best represented the Company we were embarking on the path to produce this “miracle mineral” from the Earth that had been stored for millions of years and had the potential to change and improve peoples’ lives. We came up with the name “FulHum” as a derivative to what the group of “Fulvic & Humic” Minerals were made of and then joined them to create a new word.

TDQ: What is the landscape for entrepreneurs like in your hometown of Dallas?

CJC: GREAT. There is something about a diversified City of Dallas, TX. We have so many industries from real estate, energy to technology and consumer products. There are numerous networking groups and mentors as well as a dynamic education platform of support from the University and business leaders.

TDQ: How did FullHum come to be the Official Beverage of Earth Day 2016?

CJC: Have to give thanks and applaud to Zack Teperman of ZTPR one of the most talented PR and arketing pro’s I have met in a long time. Zack thought it made sense (we agreed) that this would be a great synergy considering we are a 100% natural product from Earth.

TDQ: Where do you see yourself and FulHum in five years?

CJC: Our plans are to make FulHum a product available worldwide and consumed by millions of people that are seeking quality products that have the ability to improve their life. We hope to have FulHum Factories around the world that will be producing and selling our products in numerous languages as part of a movement to avoid bottled sugar products.

Find out more about CJ Comu at his website,and learn more about FulHum at their website.