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She’s not with us. We think she’s an intern at Newsweek.

Boy, that weekend just flew by. Oof! Word of advice, don’t ever attend a journalism conference and then let some reporters from Newsweek talk you into doing shots at 9 pm during the vault competition of the Olympics. Something tells us they knew that that mean-looking American girl had already lost the gold medal before they made that bet with us…

Anyway, we apologize for those of you (most of you, clearly) who came here today looking for TDQ Tech. We were, um, a little sidetracked this weekend, and somewhat, maybe a little hung over this morning. Boy that sun is bright here in Chicago on a Monday morning.

But we learned a lot this weekend, and fully plan to put in place all the great journalistic tips we picked up. So we have that going for us, which is nice. And tip number one, have a little of the hair of the dog…

You are now informed. Go and do likewise.

John Mayer’s Career Found Dead In Chicago Hotel Room

John Mayer

Some argue this cannot be the career of John Mayer as the head isn't big enough.

Chicago—The 13 year-long musical career of pop/blues singer/songwriter John Mayer was found unconscious and unresponsive in his room at The Drake Hotel yesterday morning around 8:30 am. Paramedics and firefighters responded to 911 calls but could not revive it. Mayer’s career was pronounced dead at 9:05 am.

The cause of the career’s demise is still under investigation, but to no one’s surprise, it appears to be self-inflicted, said Chicago Police Department officials.

The tumultuous career got its start in 1998 and often found itself in the media spotlight more for its love life and stupid comments to magazines, rather than its “talent.” Continue reading