“There’s Definitely Some Low Level Endorphin Activity:” A TDQ Q&A With Writer And Hotel Chain Spokesman Tom Bodett, Part 2

Tom Bodett

If all goes right with the casting process expect to see Penelope Cruz playing Tom Bodett on the CW this pilot season.

TDQ: What are you reading right now?

Bodett: This questionnaire. When I’m done with this I intend to return to my work translating the poems of Robert Frost into Urdu and Farsi. Did you know that Farsi has no word for ‘snowy wood’?

TDQ: You showcased your voice talents on Steven Spielberg’s “Animaniacs,” too. (To this day, we find ourselves humming the state capital song in elevators.) Were you given the leeway to ad-lib on there like you did with that “We’ll leave the light on for you” thing? 

Bodett: Yes, Spielberg wanted to give me co-creator credit on the series because I basically made the whole thing up over the donut table at our first session, but I would have none of it. He’s a really nice guy and deserves a little credit for the few things he manages to get to market.
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