TDQ Investigates: Brent Musburger May Suck, But He Probably Isn’t A Pervert

Katherine Webb

When asked, humans generally agreed with Brent Musburger that Katherine Webb is a “lovely lady.”

I’m not a fan of ESPN broadcaster Brent Musburger. I can still listen to him during a game, unlike plenty of other announcers who I think need to go, but I’d just as soon listen to about 25 other broadcasters. But that being said, I don’t have any particular problem with what he said about Katherine Webb, who is Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron‘s girlfriend, during the BCS National Championship Game last week.

After Webb was on camera and zoomed in on tightly during the game, Musburger said to his partner in crime, Kirk Herbstreit, “What a beauuuutiful woman. Wow! Whoa! You quarterbacks, you get all the beautiful women.” Webb is currently Miss Alabama.

Was it over the top? Maybe. But all the grief he’s getting for it, and the statement from ESPN apologizing for what he said is really unnecessary. ESPN must get tired of apologizing for its on-air talent. They just recently had to apologize for comments made by Rob Parker, one of their talking heads, saying that quarterback Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins, isn’t “black enough.” Parker is black, and since his comments has lost his job at ESPN.
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