“American Pickers” Film Crew Shows Up At A Home Where “Hoarders” Crew Is Already Filming

American Hoarders

The Hoarders crew meets up with the American Picker's crew at an overstocked residence.

Hattiesburg, MS—In a monumental reality show miscommunication, film crews from both A&E’s “American Pickers” and the cable channel’s “Hoarders” converged on the same house on the same day last week, leading to a tense stand-off between hosts of the respective programs before cooler heads prevailed.  

“We can look back on it now and laugh, but for a minute there, it looked like nobody was going to budge, and the poor lady’s house was going to be the scene of a real knock-down drag out,” said “American Pickers” co-host Mike Wolfe.
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Georgia Aquarium Can’t Seem To Keep Sea Monkeys Alive

Georgia Aquarium Sea Monkey Lab

A look inside the Georgia Aquarium Sea Monkey laboratory.

Atlanta, GA—The Georgia Aquarium, the world’s largest aquarium, confirmed last week it is having a difficult time keeping the sea monkeys alive in one of its smaller yet more popular exhibits.

Aquarium spokesperson Irene Vick said they have had no problem breeding the small sea creatures, but have been unsuccessful in keeping them alive for more than a few weeks, despite constant monitoring and adhering to the letter of the instructional packet that comes with them when they arrive in the mail.
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