As If “Valentine’s Day” And “New Year’s Eve” Weren’t Bad Enough, Garry Marshall’s Making Another Holiday-Themed Romantic Comedy

Arbor Day (The Movie)

Arbor Day: Nothing says "Go plant a tree" like a jam-packed all star cast. Now go and plant a tree.

Los Angeles—Critics are salivating over yesterday’s announcement by Warner Brothers that they have given the green light for another holiday-themed star-studded romantic comedy from Garry Marshall: “Arbor Day!”

Despite not one single solitary positive review for the first two holiday romantic comedies in Marshall’s “Holi-lilogy” series, an anonymous source at Warner Brothers admitted the films, “made just too damn much money, we had to go for a third one!”

“We’re really thrilled to get going on ‘Arbor Day!’ because it’s a romantic comedy that has an environmental message, too,” the source said. “That combination is rare these days, with the notable exception of ‘The King’s Speech.’ But even that film, I think, you really had to look hard to find the message. But we’re excited!”
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