Honeymoon Over Already For Royal Couple?

Weiner comes between royal couple.

Weiner comes between royal couple; The Weiner scandal has grown larger than anyone expected.

London—A source close to both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has said that she’s afraid the marriage may already be in trouble, and the reason has everything to do with Rep. Anthony Weiner. Just a month and a half into their marriage, they are arguing over whether the disgraced congressman should resign or serve out his term of office. And the debate is tearing the once-happy couple asunder.
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The Daily Quarterly: Bringing The Heat

Ahh, summer. The time of year when hurricanes may or may not start to form, when The Greatest Basketball Player(s) of All Time win or lose trophies, and when Congressmen get caught Tweeting inappropriate photos to women of all ages they’ve never met.

We didn’t know Christmas came this time of year, but every news agency in the country, and perhaps the world owes New York Democratic Congressman Anthony (and his?) Weiner a debt of gratitude.
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