Matt Lauer Makes Unprompted Denial Of Possible Involvement in Katie Couric Show Cancellation

Lauer and Couric

Lauer and Couric have worked through many eras and hairstyles both thick and thin.

New York—Host of “The Today Show” and former Katie Couric BFF Matt Lauer called a press conference yesterday on the heels of the rumors of the upcoming cancellation of Couric’s flailing talk show, to publicly announce he had nothing to do with the expected cancellation.

Lauer said he wanted to set the record straight before anybody asked that, just like his lack of involvement in the Ann Curry firing debacle last year, he is not responsible for the pending cancellation of Katie Couric’s talk show on ABC.

“It would be bad journalism and completely wrong for anybody to jump to the absurd conclusion that I am behind the cancellation of that garbage, ‘The Katie Couric Show’, or whatever the hell it’s called,” Lauer said at the outset of his press conference. “I did not have any communication whatsoever with anyone in charge at ABC and force them to cancel the program because Katie made the career-killing choice to not return to ‘The Today Show’ last fall despite my best efforts at convincing her to come back, and this is my ingenious way of getting back at that no-talent cow.”
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Ann Curry Hoping To Transition To News Outlet With Less Stringent Truth And Accuracy Standards, Like CNN

Ann Curry

Sources indicate that Ann Curry will spice up the CNN lineup by filling an obvious gap in the lineup: entertainment news. Titled CNNtertainment the new show hopes to bring TMZ style reporting to CNN.

New York—Recently ousted “Today Show” co-host Ann Curry is wasting no time trying to land her next news anchor gig, and she’s setting her sights squarely on a cable network that has much lower standards of getting the news right than NBC: CNN.

Curry said she enjoyed working at NBC, but understood it was time to move on to “smaller and lesser things” and find somewhere that she would be less stressed out about getting a story right or asking important questions of interview subjects.
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