“60 Minutes” Bringing In New Blood To Host Show: Lance Bass, Shia LaBeouf, Seth Meyers And Usher Will Be New “Reporters”

New York—In an effort to attract new, younger viewers, CBS News weekly magazine and Sunday night stalwart “60 Minutes” announced yesterday that this would be the last season they use “Edward R. Murrow-style reporters” and will be shifting to four new “news anchor-likes” next fall with the hiring of Shia LaBeouf, Lance Bass, Usher and Seth Meyers.

“Obviously snagging Meyers out from under NBC is the biggest coup,” said newly hired executive producer Miles Anniston. “He brings the credibility that was necessary to the new news crew. We’re just thrilled.”

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Anniston said that each of the four co-hosts CBS News hired could easily carry the show themselves, but felt that the mix and chemistry of the four together would balance the show well and attract the demographic that the news program had lost over the last 40 years or so. Continue reading

“Did Ya Ever Notice?” Andy Rooney Dies

Andy Rooney and Brian DiMaio

Andy Rooney and Brian DiMaio entered the Army on the same day at the same height, weight, hair, and eye color. Rooney would go on to write for Stars and Stripes and eventually 60 minutes. DiMaio wrote for the Army Times and, later, The Daily Quarterly. Rooney was always envious of DiMaio's accomplishments.

New York—Andy Rooney, known now to most Americans as the grumpy curmudgeon who griped about one thing or another at the end of “60 Minutes” every Sunday night, died Friday. He was 92.

He gained prominence as a writer for “Stars and Stripes” during World War II and was one of just six journalists who flew on the first American bombing raids of Germany.

His time on “60 Minutes” began in the summer 1978 as a replacement and filler for the recently cut debate segment, “Point/Counterpoint.” Rooney proved popular enough in his satirical musings that he became a permanent fixture of the show that fall.
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