Acronym Acrimony Pits P.S.L., Florida Against Starbucks Seasonal Coffee

Port St. Lucie or Pumpkin Spice Latte?A mid-sized vision of suburban sprawl on the southeast coast of Florida, the city of Port St. Lucie has a few claims to fame- it’s the former home of Megan Fox and the current home of Vanilla Ice, Garth Brooks, and thousands upon thousands of retirees from Long Island and the five boroughs, making traffic a sluggish nightmare during Mets spring training. Mentions of PSL were even seen in the heydays of the Sopranos.

These days, Port St. Lucie is making headlines for another reason- the City Council has decided that Starbucks’ use of the acronym “PSL” for its uber-popular fall drink, the Pumpkin Spice Latte, is an infringement upon the city’s long-standing colloquial abbreviation. Recently, the city filed a cease and desist order against the Seattle-based coffee giant, and has vowed further legal action if they don’t stop using the abridgement in advertising and in handwritten barista notes on cups.

A Starbucks spokeswoman responded, calling the legal action both “arbitrary and capricious,” and said that Starbucks has no intention of refraining from the use of the initials in print or television advertising, and is directing baristas to continue using the abbreviation on cups in all of its 20,000 plus stores worldwide.

Rumors of Starbucks considering a closure of all stores within the Port St. Lucie city limits have begun to run rampant throughout town, and Starbucks refused comment on the matter, fueling speculation that the caffeine peddler may be taking the PSL out of PSL for good. Hundreds of latte-crazed citizens have packed recent City Council meetings to express their anxiety over the potential loss of their favorite bean-pushing baristas.
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Highlights from this week’s live show of the The Voice!

The Voice 2013 Live Shows Begin

The Voice 2013 Live Shows have started but the contestants are only part of the story.

There was a great deal of excitement on NBC as The Voice’s live shows got underway this week. Here are a few of the highlights.

Team Usher showed off their new kicks in their group number, performing “Black and Gold” in hot red high tops donated by McDonald’s. While Usher claims they are a part of a charity event to support the Ronald McDonald House, our inside sources say that he is also taking the opportunity to build a fashion empire based on McDonald’s iconic look, with his “House of McUsher” shoe and accessory line.

Carson Daly’s hair had a great week, as its new heights earned it its own Hollywood zip code, but it still wasn’t enough to please its hair mentor. Ryan Seacrest’s locks sent a note of condolence, as it still doesn’t quite measure up. Maybe next week, Carson.

Blake Shelton repeatedly thanked Starbucks for his “very special latte,” which was later found to have a secret recipe that was, well, not really a secret.

Usher also took this week’s live show as an opportunity to introduce the world to a previously unknown artist, as his final team member covered “Take a Look at Me Now” by the singer-songwriter Phil Collins.
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Does NSA/MENSA Spell End for Words With Friends?

Words With Friends

You can hardly blame the Words With Friends player for trying YOLO. After all, you only live once. Am I right?

The NSA (National SCRABBLE Association) and MENSA vow to put an end to Words With Friends as we know it.

Words With Friends, a popular app that has made the Hasbro game, Scrabble, accessible to the masses via smart phones and tablets, has been acquired by a consortium of app opponents. The National SCRABBLE Association, a group supported by Hasbro and made of Scrabble enthusiasts and competitors from around the globe, announced yesterday that it has partnered with MENSA, the famed high IQ society, to put an end to what they describe as the “dumbing-down of America via fraudulent Scrabble,” by purchasing the product and implementing sweeping changes to the way the game is played. In question is Words With Friends players’ ability to play words that are otherwise unknown to them through the aide of online dictionaries and cheat sites.

“None of these people know the meaning of words like ‘qi’, ‘waesuck’, or ‘qis.’ They’re exploiting these treasures of the English language for points in a game,” lamented longtime NSA board member, Henry Williams. “People don’t understand why we’re upset about this game. They think it is promoting affection for language and word play among a new generation. They could not be more erroneous. This new generation is simply combing for words on cheat websites and online dictionaries. They never ascertain the significance of the words they use, and therefore never learn the joy of the logophile. They are frauds.”
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Stanley Hudson Makes Good On Transition From Office To Runway

Stanley Hudson: Flab to Fab

Stanley Hudson made the most of his transition from office worker to fashion designer by designing his way into the season finale.

Much like in his longtime role in the documentary series, The Office, Stanley Hudson found that lethargy triumphed over ambition at Fashion Week. In the finale of this season’s Project Runway, Hudson struggled with motivation and timelines, completing many of his garments at the last minute, just as his models were headed for the runway.

In his sales work at Dunder Mifflin, the company featured for more than nine years in a documentary series that has recently wrapped production, Hudson was known for being lazy, disinterested, socially distant, and motivated only by his paycheck. His signature crossword puzzle book accompanied him to every meeting, where he listlessly penciled in words and studiously ignored his boss and colleagues.

Surprisingly, Hudson excelled in the team challenges early in the season. Although he was often characterized as controlling, he was praised for his work with others and attention to detail. In an interview early in the season, Hudson described his enthusiasm for his new profession, and zest for life following his departure from Dunder Mifflin.
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Reality Star Stanley Hudson Makes A Move To Stay In The Game

Stanley Hudson

Reality star Stanley Hudson has taken dramatic steps to stay in the spotlight with his current series The Office ending soon.

A new season of Project Runway started recently, and though the biggest surprise was billed as the new “team” concept for this season, the real surprise was the cast. Or one cast member, in particular. Stanley Hudson debuted his artistic touch along with his fellow contestants last week. Does that name sound familiar? It should- that’s the same Stanley Hudson that you’ve enjoyed watching on the primetime documentary series “The Office” since 2005. Stanley has traded in paper sales for primping models for the runway.
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