New Hipper And Cooler IRS Moves Tax Deadline From April 15th To April 18th Because They Don’t Want to Ruin Everybody’s Friday

IRS Logo Enamel Pin

Not only is the IRS more conscious of your weekend they have slightly tweaked their logo. They are selling enameled pins of this new logo in their Etsy shop.

Washington, DC—You may have noticed this tax season that you have a couple extra days to file your taxes. Instead of panicking to get your paperwork done by April 15th this year, the Internal Revenue Service has pushed back the deadline to Monday, April 18th, in an effort “so as not to be a buzz kill or totally bum people out on Friday. It’s Friday, man.”

This isn’t your father’s IRS. It seems to be a much more laid back tax man nowadays. Could it be because so many of the employees now are Millennials? Could it be that the Feds have more important things to worry about? It appears to be a little of both.

“Bruh, it’s an election year, and the cat who’s in the White House ain’t running,” said second-year IRS accountant Kyle Whitman. “Nobody is paying any attention to us. It’s freaking awesome.This place is finally a cool place to be. Finally.”

“Usually, at this time of the year, we’re going nuts. Totally, freaking nuts,” echoed Travis Cendrowski, who has worked for the IRS since 2011. “But I haven’t been in the building before 9:30 in like five months. And this old dude I work with, he came in late the whole week last week ’cause he was home watching the Masters. It’s crazy. But it’s kind of awesome.”

Many employees said they’re confident that this new paradigm is here to stay, and they are more than open to the change. They said they believe it is about time for a new reputation in a new century.

Other sources have confirmed the agency is looking creating an official, more-friendly sounding motto that will reflect their new, chill attitude. “Some people were saying it would be but something really dumb or unoriginal like, ‘Keep calm and deduct on,’ or ‘Hakuna Matata,'” said Whitman. “I was gonna vote for my personal favorite, which is ‘The IRS: We won’t harsh your mellow.'”

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