The Daily Quarterly Turns Five, Kids!

Four score minus 75 years ago, we brought forth on this internet a news website, conceived in brilliance, and dedicated to the proposition that not all sources of where you get your news are created equal.

And it’s been a tremendous five years. With great interviews of great actors, rappers, award-winning writers, comedians, jewelers, fudge makers, liquor distributors, journalists and musicians. And insightful commentary and hard-hitting investigative news pieces that both local and national news organizations only dream of presenting.

We’ve taken down lying (or, “misremembering”) national nightly news anchors, uncovered corruption in both small town city halls and international city halls. We’ve brought you poignant obituaries of international luminaries, including sports figures, poets, film industry pioneers and people who successfully “EGOT”ed. We’ve exposed Illuminati plots, and we’re confident that we’re ever closer to taking down this fiendish, mysterious organization.

Through it all we’ve pushed the envelope with cutting-edge photographs, embracing state-of-the-art National Geographic-worthy illustrations and animation. And we’ve done it all for you, the reader. We knew what your lives lacked when we started this little enterprise five years ago with just $1.85 in our pockets, a train ticket to the big city, a couple of PCs and a big dream. And that dream continues to grow and to evolve.

We’ve met some great people along the way, who tell us everyday how much we’ve impacted their lives and how they view not only the internet, but the world itself. When we started this little site, we said, “If we can impact just one person, it will have all been worth it.” And we still feel that way, though we know we’ve changed and improved literally thousands of lives. But it’s nothing less than what you all deserve. Truly.

If the next five years can be nearly as awesome as these last five, we have no doubt the world and you and your family, no matter how small and insignificant, will be the better for it. All because of us.

You are now informed. Go and do likewise.

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