TDQ Investigates: A New Single, “Faces,” From Our Close Personal Friend Erich Mrak

Faces - Erich MrakToronto—Once again, readers, we’re thrilled to bring you exciting entertainment news, since that’s what you rightfully expect from us. Tuesday, 11/3, Erich will release “Faces.”

Since August, 2014, Erich Mrak has been working day and night to complete his debut EP – “V”.

“Faces” marks the second official release from Erich Mrak’s new EP, “V”. Written and performed by Erich. Produced by Bento, “Faces” demonstrates Erich’s ability to create an upbeat, catchy song, and still tell a story. The music video incorporates realism, and the visualization of how Erich’s lyrics can relate to a variety of different people, in different areas of the world.

Find the audio link to “Faces” here :

Here’s the video for “Faces”:
Find Erich’s first release, “Human” here :
Erich Mrak
Erich Mrak

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