“I Have To Be Fearless In Showing What I Feel In The Moment:” A TDQ Q&A With Actress Shonna Major

Shonna Major

Shonna Major in a scene from Clinger with a gift basket. Gift baskets are a great way to show appreciation. (Our mailing address is on the “About” page. Make sure they can deliver to a PO box.)

This week’s TDQ Q&A is with actress Shonna Major. Shonna spoke to us about working for her Masters degree, her latest movie, “Clinger” and how going gluten-free isn’t for her. Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A with Shonna Major:

The Daily Quarterly: What made you want to be in show business?

Shonna Major: I always loved performing. I started performing in school plays and dance recitals when I was really young. I just enjoyed doing it. As I got older and experienced more emotional hardships, I would turn to my favorite TV show or watch a movie to escape. And I realized that’s what I wanted to do: help people escape their reality for a little.

TDQ: Who was your favorite actress growing up?

SM: I loved Halle Berry. I thought she was gorgeous and talented and someone I could relate to. I also loved Lucy Lawless because I was obsessed with Xena.

Shonna Major

Shonna Major, left, with the good book and Jennifer Laporte in Clinger.

TDQ: What was your favorite movie growing up?

SM: I grew up watching Robin Williams. I could recite Mrs. Doubtfire and Hook word for word when I was younger. My friends probably thought I was so weird.

TDQ: What’s the best advice you’ve gotten?

SM: Acting coach Andrew Benne always had great advice. One that stuck was to let go of my “control freak” nature and just be. I have to be fearless in showing what I feel in the moment. I think that resonated with me because it’s not just great acting advice but something I try and do on a daily basis.

TDQ: What’s the worst advice you’ve gotten?

SM: “You should try the gluten-free diet.”

TDQ: Who are your influences?


  • My parents because they’re the most selfless people I know.
  • Kerry Washington is life.

TDQ: What can you tell us about your work in “Clinger,” which has been described as “a blood-soaked coming of age story about the horrors of first love?” (Sounds like it’s right up our alley)

Shonna Major

A scene from Clinger with Shonna Major playing Moe consoling her friend Fern at…uh, we don’t want to spoil it…let’s just say it was a very formal party for Fern’s boyfriend.

SM: I play Moe Watkins, who is the super sweet best friend of the protagonist Fern Peterson. What makes her unique is the fact that she speaks in innuendos, but very innocently. To the point where you’re questioning if you heard her right. While playing her, the key is to not think about what you’re saying. That gives the ‘innocent’ effect and because I would burst out in laughter and we were on a time crunch and I didn’t want to ruin every take.

TDQ: What project are you working on right now?

SM: Right now projects are put on hold because I am pursuing my Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis; which means I don’t sleep… just study… all the time.

TDQ: Where do you see yourself in five years?

SM: I try not to think too far ahead but I do hope that wherever I’m at, I’m using my time to benefit others.

And also catching up on sleep.

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