Joaquin Phoenix To Star In Film Version Of “Airwolf”

Airwolf: The Movie

One can’t help but wonder how long the studio sat on this film before giving it a green light. The male cast is looking a little long in the tooth.

Los Angeles—Paramount Pictures confirmed at a press conference yesterday that they will begin filming in Vancouver and Georgia next month on a film adaptation of the 1980s helicopter action drama, “Airwolf.”

Joaquin Phoenix has been cast as the lead, Stringfellow Hawke. Dennis Franz will star as Hawke’s co-pilot/father-figure/sidekick Dominic Santini.

The series, created by TV icon Donald P. Bellisario, ran on both CBS and the USA Network between 1984 and 1987. Bellisario,who officially retired from Hollywood in 2007 after clashing with “NCIS” star Mark Harmon, will reportedly have no involvement with the film.

Hawke’s love interest, Caitlin O’Shannessy, will be played by Disney star/singer Olivia Holt.

Barry Van Dyke will reprise his role in the television series and portray Saint John Hawke, Stringellow’s long-lost, kidnapped brother.

Denzel Washington has been signed to play Archangel Coldsmith-Briggs, an agent with “The Firm” who recruits Hawke to steal back the futuristic helicopter after its unstable creator steals it and uses it to commit acts of terror against the United States.

Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, most famous for writing on “LOST,” have been tapped to pen the script, with Christopher McQuarrie reportedly in talks to direct.

“While it is true that no current executive at ‘Paramount’ was alive when the TV show aired, most of the creative team has watched episodes online,” a rep with the production company said. “And they weren’t bad, to be quite honest. It was pretty good. And we are confident that with the right script, and a good amount of CGI, we can bring the story into the 21st century and to a whole new audience. We’re very excited. Truly.”

Phoenix also took to the podium to discuss the announcement, but said nothing during the 14 minutes he took questions from the media, before slowly walking off the stage and eating a banana. Holt said on Twitter that she was “super, crazy, MEGA excited to be in this movie! I LUVED (sic) watching AIR WoLF (sic) when I was little! SO Exited!! (sic). XOXO <3”

7 thoughts on “Joaquin Phoenix To Star In Film Version Of “Airwolf”

  1. Yet more politically correct claptrap !!! I just KNEW that when some money grubbing studio ex decided to destroy this excellent and classic TV show, one of them would have to be black (enter the “new” Archangel !!) I expect that the “new” Caitlin will be a man-hating, ass-kicking superwoman !! FFS leave things alone, you PC idiots !!

  2. I love Airwolf but asude frim Denzel, this sounds like a disaster. Timothy Olaphant is about the only guy who could play String!

  3. how close to the 1984 version is it going to be will it be a bell222 will it have the wolf sound effect will the new string fellow be as crafty will dom be the expert on the lady i dont want to see aversion like it was before it went off the air it has to be convincingly airwolf

  4. This movie needs to be as close to the original Season 1 or Season 2 layout as possible. People are talking iconic and epic failure if it is not. Nobody will listen, they will do what they want anyhow. This has already failed. Thanks for destroying another iconic legend. Fuck you.

  5. If they made a movie they should make it where the original “lady” airwolf is found after all these years and everyone that had to do with her is dead or retired and forgot about her. That should be the start and for GOD sake stop putting blacks, gays, or females as the leading actor. Also don’t put blacks, gays or females as arch angel for your political pushes. That sickens me.

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