Source: Britt McHenry In Talks To Be Spokesperson For F&R Auto Sales

Britt McHenry for F&R Auto

Britt McHenry for F&R Auto.

Washington, D.C.—A source with intimate knowledge of the ongoing conversations between suspended ESPN sideline reporter Britt McHenry and embattled Massachusetts car dealership F&R Auto Sales said yesterday that the two parties are very close to a deal that would make McHenry the face of the dealership.

Seeking to capitalize on the fame that began growing in January after video surfaced of their employees berating and humiliating a pizza delivery man over a tip after he delivered a pizza to their employees, F&R is apparently looking to add McHenry to their payroll since she has gained national notoriety after video came out earlier this month showing her verbally abusing a tow lot attendant after her car was towed from a closed Chinese restaurant in Arlington, Va.

“The gang (at F&R) really admire her wicked moxie and think she’d fit right in,” the source said. “And it’s really a bit of, what do you call it, serendipity, serendipitous, that she got caught blasting the girl at a tow yard. Right? ‘Cuz F&R sells cars. And her car got towed.”

McHenry was suspended by her employer, Disney-owned ESPN, for a week after it became clear to the viewing public and people who had never heard of her that she was a very unpleasant person. She later gave a very Brian-Williams-like half apology on social media saying some nonsense about her being under stress and failing to take the high road.

An employee at F&R, who spoke to The Daily Quarterly but asked not to be named, said, “We ain’t all got college degrees like that McHenry chick. But most of us got all our teeth. And she’s on the TV. She’s a wicked big deal, and would really bring a touch of class to our car lot. She’d really like it up here. And we have pizza parties all the time.”

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