Kim Kardashian To Play Olive Oyl In New “Popeye” Live-Action Movie

Popeye The Sailor Man

Critics promise, “If you love the original you will be disappointed.”

Los Angeles—Sources confirmed yesterday that Paramount Pictures has finalized casting for an upcoming re-boot of the world’s most popular one-eyed sailor, “Popeye,” and the “biggest” surprise among the cast is Kim Kardashian’s winning of the role of Olive Oyl.

Played by Shelley Duvall in the 1980 Robert Altman musical version, Olive is the long-suffering love interest of the sailor man. In this iteration, the title role will be played by Ben Foster.

“We’ve made a conscious decision to stay far away from the Altman version, despite how wonderful that film was,” said Kardashian’s representative. “This film will be darker and grittier than the original, with no musical numbers, and it will be more true to the source material.”

Billy Gardell has been cast as Popeye’s nemesis, Bluto, with the role of the Commodore going to Bill Murray.

This film version will have other villains that originated in the comic strip, unlike the 1980 Altman version, which only had Bluto as the main villain. Holland Taylor will play the Sea Hag, and January Jones will play Alice the Goon.

Eugene the Jeep will have a major role, thanks to CGI, in this version as well. Eugene will be motion-captured by actor Andy Serkis.

Kardashian said she had never heard of the comic strip before, but “binged on, like, 27 straight hours of the cartoon the day before I read for the part, and really got into the character of Olive, and inside her head, and like, I had… I mean, and clearly the producers agreed. I’m really excited about this role.”

Kardashian said she had thought about asking to have her daughter, North, play Swee’Pea, but she and the producers “couldn’t see eye to eye on a dollar amount. But they did like my idea of making the story more relatable by making Popeye a billionaire and setting the film in Portofino, Italy. It’s going to be so epic!”

Popeye’s hamburger-loving cohort Wimpy will be played by Denzel Washington.

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