Source: Taylor Swift’s Representatives “Crazy Livid” That Some Magazines Didn’t Put Her On The Cover Of Their December Issue

National Geographic

If Taylor Swift can’t make people care about rising sea levels caused by melting polar ice then no one can.

New York—It seems that not everything is going as great as we thought for former country star-turned pop queen Taylor Swift, if reports coming out of her camp are true. You may have noticed that Swift’s face has graced just about every magazine cover in every checkout lane in the country this month, but not every major publication felt the need to plaster the songstresses face on their mag. And that’s not sitting so well with some of her people.

“They better understand the magnitude of this situation,” an unnamed source close to Swift told TDQ. “If National Geographic ever wants a sit down with Tay-tay ever in this or the next lifetime, they need to yank off those pics of Aborigines spear-fishing in Uganda or where the hell ever and get with the program.”

Field & Stream

Taylor knows all about catch and release, and how there are other fish in the sea.

In keeping with her tradition of only putting herself on the cover of her monthly magazine, O, Oprah Winfrey is also under fire for not putting Swift “somewhere on there, for God’s sake. Oprah’s lost weight, you can fit a photo of both of them on there, am I right?”

Field & Stream is also apparently on the naughty list in Swift’s camp, preferring to show, rather than the singer-songwriter, “some damn hunting knife or a dead deer or some stupid thing. I mean, really?

Swift’s latest record, 1989, is the first and, so far, only album to go platinum in 2014, which some in the record industry is a reflection of the new reality of internet music and pirating of songs. “It is for this very reason,” said magazine and journalism expert Eugene McLarty, “that we may never see Ms. Swift on the cover of a National Geographic or a Popular Mechanics ever again.”

O Magazine

O say can you see…Taylor Swift with her own magazine T?

Not that that sits well with Swift’s camp. “It’s Taylor f—ing Swift. Get her on your magazine cover or get ready to fold up shop.”

“It’s nothing against her, truly. It’s the nature of the beast now,” McLarty said. “And speaking of beasts, it’s also unlikely she’ll ever be on the cover of Fangoria, either. Sorry.”

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