TDQ Investigates: Are The Days Of “The Big Bang Theory’s” High Quality Episodes Numbered?

We here at TDQ love “The Big Bang Theory.” It’s one of the few shows on television that have characters nearly as smart as we are. And who doesn’t love Kaley Cuoco? She is so hot, she could pass for Canadian.

But we are afraid that the recent renewal of the already-seven-year-old show for three more seasons will cause it to do what most shows its age have done long before: Jump the shark.

It’s the rare TV show that can last its entire run without doing so, especially a show that airs for more than five years or so. “Seinfeld,” “LOST” and “Magnum PI” are, in our educated opinions, about the only long-running TV stalwarts that have avoided doing it.

“Friends” jumped the shark. “The X Files” jumped the shark. “That ’70s Show” jumped the shark. Sheldon, Leonard, et al have yet to do so, though, to be honest, I personally think the addition of Mayim Bialik as Amy Farrah Fowler as a regular has weakened the show. I think it’s very possible that in 30 years, we may look back and say the show suffered after it “Added the Blossom.”

But how long until there is no question among the legion of fans that the show has gone the way of “Happy Days,” Married…With Children” and “Family Matters?”

We fear it’s sooner rather than later.

And don’t blame us when they produce an episode where Sheldon gets conked on the head and has a complete personality change, causing him to become more fun to be around, a way better friend and roommate, as well as a normal dude interested in sex, which, though it initially makes Amy happy, will be the main reason the gang decides Sheldon has to revert back to his normal self.

Boy, we hope we’re wrong about this episode coming soon. But we probably aren’t.

You are now informed. Go and do likewise.

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