Owner Of Ridiculously Misspelled Website Name Baffled That He Gets No Web Traffic


Recent graduate and entrepreneur Jason Cameron credits a former classmate for his web site’s design but admits he had difficulty finding a domain name that wasn’t already taken.

Chicago—Recent business school graduate and entrepreneur Jason Cameron has found that his new travel website isn’t getting the web traffic he had hoped, despite trying numerous different methods of advertising and backlinks and social media.

“I have pretty much tried everything,” Cameron said from his large but rarely-visited office on Chicago’s North Side. “Aside from everything I learned at Northwestern about running a business, (not to brag), I have also read all about SEO and e-commerce. But nobody is coming to the site. And my number of Twitter followers is pathetic.”

Cameron said the number of unique visitors to his site, KrazeeMannTravvell.com has remained rather stagnant since he launched his business in July of last year. “I booked a lot of graduation trips for my college buddies the first couple months,” Cameron said. “But unless some of those losers get married soon for me to book their honeymoons, they aren’t going to keep me afloat just by themselves. And believe me, none of them are getting married anytime soon. Though my one friend, Keith, he told me last week he’s thinking about proposing Memorial Day weekend, as long has his girlfriend’s dad gets him that job at his accounting firm. Even though he can’t stand her dad. Or unless, his ex-girlfriend keeps the baby.”

Cameron has tried giving away T-shirts to help spread the word, “but the idiots at the shirt place misspelled all of them. I may sue them for it, but my one buddy still can’t pass the Illinois Bar Exam, so I’m stuck waiting for that jackass.”

In the meantime, Cameron said he will keep trying all the tricks he was told in business school work for getting his site’s name out there. “I’m sure these ideas work, they’ve helped generate internet traffic for more than a hundred years. It’ not like they haven’t been tried. So just keep an eye out for KrazeeMannTravvell.com. It’s gonna be huge, bro. Huge.”

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