No-Name Justin Bieber: Acting Out For Attention?

Struggling Graffiti Artist Justin Bieber

In a world with more craft stores than ever before this caption writer can’t imagine why someone would prefer the side of a building on which to paint and not a reasonable priced canvas.

At the time of this writing there are more than 7 billion humans on Earth. Who among us hasn’t struggled to stand out from the crowd? It is true that there are more outlets of personal expression than ever before: paper and electronic books; terrestrial and satellite radio; hundreds, nay thousands, of television channels; a myriad of social networking, blogging, video, and picture sharing outlets; a multitude of sports with balls of all shapes and sizes; competitive conveyance human and motor, and wind powered; Summer and Winter Olympics, and X Games; video games of all kinds on all sizes of screens with leaderboards ripe for climbing; and many more.

But, let’s be honest. The signal to noise ratio is lower than ever. A person can hardly find a post from their favorite pipe logoed occasional daily news source in their Facebook feed anymore. It is lost amongst the both flotsam and jetsam of posts from family, friends, acquaintances, and co-workers regarding some nonsensical blather.

Some people are able to use their talents to rise above the masses. Be it physical prowess (throwing or catching some sort of ball perhaps) or mental (like crafting a killer tweet, or blog post, or a super realistic looking Photoshop composite) the good attention getters capture attention in a positive way and make the world a better place in the process. Unfortunately some people, possibly due to a lack of a special talent, must resort to getting attention a negative way.

One young boy’s unsuccessful attempts to capture the world’s attention have been all over the news, lately. His name is Justin Bieber. He is a teenager from Canada who, likely, feels out of place living in Los Angeles, California, USA. In the past year alone this unknown has been caught or accused of acts including:

Urinating in a restaurant mop bucket. Underage drinking. Reckless driving without a license or registration. Illegal drug use. Flag desecration. Bicycle theft. Vandalization via Graffiti (international and domestic). Vandalization via egg.

Young Bieber’s string of escalating outbursts is, obviously, a failed attempt to gain the attention of his parents. Or maybe there is a girl he likes that won’t take his calls. Whatever the reason his antics have backfired. No one even knows his name despite every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a media outlet reporting his tomfoolery.

To any readers that may be considering taking the low road to public attention look to the tale of unknown Justin Bieber to dissuade you. Imagine the embarrassment when every media outlet on the planet reports your desperate hijinks. That is no way to make yourself know to every man, woman, and child on earth. Stick to the tried and true path: Make a blog or two. Write a book. Maybe make a poster for a movie that may or may not exist. Maybe make your own movie.  You’ll find you will get a lot more attention than young Justin Bieber.

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