President’s Cup Team Taking A Page From Solheim Cup Team’s Playbook, Donning Red, White And Blue Face Paint And Hair Bows

President's Cup 2013

This year’s President’s Cup team is taking a page from the Solheim Cup team’s playbook and sprucing themselves up for the event.

Ponte Vedra, FL—Having decided they were impressed with the vibe and feeling exuded by the US Women’s Solheim Cup team this year, the male professional golfers competing in the 2013 President’s Cup team golf tournament decided they, too, would paint their faces in patriotic colors and wear USA-themed ribbons in their hair.

It will certainly be a different look, the US team captain said, but he got very excited once he could tell the team was acting as one in the decision.

“I wasn’t positive they would all buy into it, but once the boys saw Tiger (Woods) wearing an American flag sticker on his cheek, they were all in” said captain of Team USA, Fred Couples.

Couples said he decided to put all his cards on the table once the whole team was finalized, but had been toying with the idea for years before he was named captain.

“I, just, you know, was trying to think of a way to shake things up some, you know,” Couples said. “I had met Paula (Creamer, one of the members of the 2013 US Solheim Cup team) at a commercial shoot a while back, and we got to talking about the girls’ team spirit and who does whose hair before their matches. And it made me think. I mean, Phil (Mickelson) and Duf (Jason Dufner) have hair long enough to put red, white and blue bows and ribbons in, not to mention Sneds (Brandt Snedeker).”

Some purists are questioning the decision for the men to paint their nails and wear bows in their hair, but Couples said as long as the team wins, he could care less what the “old farts” think about how they look.

“I think now, my biggest regret is not having Rickie Fowler on this year’s team,” Couples said. “He would really be able to pull the look off, no question. No question. But maybe next time.”

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