Leaked Photo Goes Viral; Is Hollywood Making A Pirate-Dinosaur Mash-Up Flick?

A Return To Practical Effects?

To some experts this image marks a return to practical effects while others (shady, unreliable nut jobs) suggest it’s just an Instagramed store shelf display. Needless to say, we are hoping for the former. In fact we already pre-purchased tickets for “Pirates of the Jurassic Park” on Fandingo.ru.

Los Angeles—A recently-leaked picture of a toy pirate figurine sitting atop a toy dinosaur has gone viral and has set tongues wagging in both the blogosphere and the sci-fi communities, with both camps wondering if the photo foretells of an upcoming film adaptation or mash-up of the popular dinosaur and pirate film genres.

While no movie studio has come out and admitted leaking the picture, not everyone has denied leaking it, either.

A spokesman for Marvel Studios said, “Are you asking me if we are in development on a film about pirates fighting dinoaurs? Is that what you’re asking? I just want to be sure. Because the short answer is no, but the long answer is maybe.”

And many bloggers are hoping the pic is a prototype design for an adaptation of Axe Cop. “That would be epic. EPIC,” wrote Sid “Gandalf” Hirschberg, blogger for the site “Mr. Hermione Granger.” Hirschberg said he had been praying for an Axe Cop movie ever since he saw an Axe Cop t-shirt at Comic Con last summer. “I can only assume the hold up has been the division of merchandising rights.”

But whatever the outcome of the viral picture, everyone asked agreed they hoped this signified the end of CGI and a return to models being used in films, rather than all computer images.

“I still feel dirty watching ‘Avatar,’ I’ll be honest,” Hirschberg said. “Give me scaled down models over green screen and computer-generated crap any day. I’d love to think that this pic means that this movie will be done with miniatures, like the old ‘King Kong’ or the Harry Hamlin ‘Clash of the Titans.’ Classics. Like Mr. (George) Lucas used to do.”

But like the rest of us, Hirschberg will simply have to guess until whatever studio created this image comes out and tells us what’s up. Even top actors who may possibly be linked to such a film are mum. Daniel Craig, who starred in 2011’s “Cowboys and Aliens,” isn’t talking. Nor is his “Cowboys” co-star, sci-fi hero Harrison Ford, whose quote was a bit too intense for this publication when asked what he knew about the photo.

Fingers crossed, though, that Ford knows more than he’s letting on.

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