Urban Legend Debunker Website Snopes.com Revealed To Be Fake


Snopes.com officials claim this page has been there the whole time. Nobody bothered to look it up.

Los Angeles—In a stunning turn of events in the life of the popular urban legend debunking website Snopes.com, it has been revealed by the site founders and operators that the site itself is a fake.

David and Barbara Mikkelson, who founded the site in 1995, confirmed in their latest post that “nearly 94% of the content” on the site “was made up and written with no actual research whatsoever, with vain and sometimes misguided attempts to be clever and cute.”

For years, chatrooms and message boards all over the world had posited that the site was a hoax, and how ironic it was that a site dedicated to debunking myths and urban legends was itself a myth.

“Yeah, we thought that was pretty cool, at least for a while,” said David Mikkelson, who apparently has made himself quite a pretty penny for his efforts. “We were telling people what was and wasn’t real, and we weren’t real ourselves. It’s trippy.”

After deflecting the e-mails and accusations for more than a decade, though, the couple felt they had no more lies left in them to litter the internet with. “We’d lied to the media, we’d lied to the world wide web, we’d ruined lives and insulted people. We had nothing left to give,” said Barbara Mikkelon.

Neither David or Barbara Mikkelson could say what lays ahead for them, and whether their next venture will be on the internet or something “more concrete.”

“We’d like to maybe get real jobs,” Barbara said. “But real jobs suck, you know? Writing stuff and just making it up on the internet is fun. It’s intoxicating. And knowing that so many people actually believe the ridiculous crap you’re spewing is addictive.”

“But we’ve got a lot of contacts,” David Mikkelson said. “We’ve met a lot of people we’ve deceived over the years. Maybe we can get a reality TV show or something. Whatever happened to those ‘Balloon Boy’ parents? What are they doing now? We could do what they do.”

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