Karlsfield Police Chief Defends Ticketing Drivers From States That Don’t Require Front License Plates

Karlsfield, VT Public Service Announcement

Despite flyers like these being posted at local hotels and tourist attractions most out-of-state visitors to Karlsfield, VT aren’t aware of this policy.

Karlsfield, VT—Karlsfield Chief of Police Leroy Pamas has come under fire recently from drivers who live out of state and pass through this northern Vermont town, only to receive tickets for not having a front license plate on their vehicle, per Vermont law, despite the fact that the state those drivers live in does not require a front license plate on vehicles.

Pennsylvania resident Cecil Hill said he got a $195.00 ticket last month while driving through Karlsfield and is having a very difficult time getting the ticket vacated. “I am having a very difficult time getting the ticket vacated.”

And Michigan driver Nicole Welka was told she would have to appear before a Vermont judge to have her case heard to dismiss a ticket she got back in 2011. “There is no way in hell I’m ever going back to that place,” Welka said. “No chance.”

“Vermont is a two plate state, plain and simple,” Pamas said. “I am not concerned with the license plate laws in other states. Once you cross into Vermont, and especially into Karlsfield, you better comply with the law. Get that second plate on there. End of discussion.”

Pamas said he has heard plenty of “sob stories” from out of state drivers who insisted that their home states didn’t require a second license plate on the front of their vehicle, and that they were unaware of Vermont’s plate law, but he has “never been impressed with their rhetoric.”

Pamas said he has visited plenty of other “idiot, crime-loving states” and always obeys their laws, despite him being from another state. “You don’t see me going to Disney World or Cypress Gardens or Boardwalk and Baseball or what have you and sticking up people at gun point, do you? No, because I abide by the laws of Florida and Disney World itself. I’m a visitor, I have respect for the laws on the books. People could learn from that.”

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