Our Close, Personal Friend Jesse Heiman Finally Getting The Love He Deserves

HEIMANIf we had a nickel for every time somebody asked us, “Hey, guys, why isn’t somebody doing a full-fledged documentary on my favorite Hollywood extra and your close, personal friend Jesse Heiman? I would pay good money to help get that off the ground!”

Well whine and complain to us no more! Because now, instead of giving that money to us, you can give it to director and producer Nick Weis of Magic Happens Productions, who has just started a Kickstarter campaign to get funding for his documentary, “Jesse Heiman: World’s Greatest Extra.”

The goal of the campaign is to raise $65,000 over a period of 30 days starting TODAY.

Weis and producer Emily Carroll are working on the doc, which follows a year in the life of Jesse as he tries to parlay his extra work into becoming a leading man, thanks to the momentum generated by his awesome 2013 Super Bowl commercial.

Inspired by the YouTube sensation video “World’s Greatest Extra,” created by Sweden’s Wilhelm Hempel, Weis said, “Jesse’s face is one people know but surprisingly his name isn’t. I found [Wilhelm’s] YouTube video and five hours later, I was engulfed in Jesse’s blog and Twitter. As a documentary filmmaker, he’s the kind of subject you dream of finding.” Curiosity led to a Facebook message, and when Jesse showed interest in the project, Weis said he reached out to long-time friend and filmmaker, Emily Carroll, to partner in producing the film.

“Jesse’s story is pretty fascinating and profoundly happenstance,” said Carroll. “But even more compelling is his earnest demeanor and how he handles the world-and people- around him.”

The Kickstarter campaign will conclude on Thursday, August 2, 2013 at 12:01 AM, and must raise at least $65,000 to get funded. With rewards ranging from t-shirts to video messages, digital downloads and original art, the campaign is utilizing Heiman’s celebrity in hopes his international fan base will respond. Money raised in this campaign will go toward buying production equipment and insurance, crew and travel expenses and other costs related to eight additional months of principal photography. A portion of each donation is tax-deductible through partnership with Heiman’s favorite 501(c)(3), The Poopie Foundation (dba Lucky Puppy Rescue and Retail), located in Studio City, California.

Check out more at the Twitter feed and the Facebook page.

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