“You Need To ‘Focus’ When You’re Walking On A Six-Inch Beam High In The Air, Especially On A Windy Day In New Jersey:” A TDQ Q&A With Actor Bruno Amato

Bruno Amato

See Bruno Amato in The Internship.

This week’s TDQ Q&A features actor Bruno Amato. Bruno spoke with us about his role in “The Internship,” his talent for impersonating Rocky Balboa and the differences in shooting TV shows and films. Here is this week’s TDQ Q&A with actor Bruno Amato:

The Daily Quarterly: Who was your favorite actor growing up?

Bruno Amato: I loved John Wayne, he was such a no nonsense tough guy.

TDQ: What was your favorite movie growing up?

BA: Definitely the first “Rocky” movie…I became an expert at saying “Yo Adrian”!!!

TDQ: What made you want to be in show business?

BA: I always felt I had a knack at making people laugh…come on, I was class clown in 8th grade…helloo??? :)

TDQ: What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

BA: I didn’t hear it directly from him, but I think it was Jimmy Durante who said, “but be kind to people on the way up, because you will meet them on the way down.”

TDQ: What’s the worst advice you’ve ever gotten?

BA: Someone told me before the economy crashed, that you can’t go wrong investing in real estate….so I bought a house….you can figure out the rest.

TDQ: Who are your influences?

BA: Fellow actor friends, who I’ve watched over the years, get bigger roles, and move up the ladder in Hollywood, by working hard at their craft.

TDQ: Tell us about your role in “The Internship”

Bruno Amato

Bruno Amato playing the character Sal in The Internship. This must be the scene where Sal learns his search engine optimization is sub par.

BA: I play “Sal.” He owns a pizza establishment near San Francisco. He gets paid a visit by Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson and their gang of younger Google interns, who need to try to sell Sal on using Google to expand his business. It’s a tough sell, because Sal is pretty set in his ways of doing things the old fashioned way, he’s afraid of change.

TDQ: Do you think those crazy kids Vaughn and Wilson have a future in this business?

BA: Well if they follow my lead, I will take them places :)

TDQ: Before becoming an actor, you were in the Navy and an Ironworker. What experiences in those professions prepared you for being in show business?

BA: I’ll say I learned “discipline” from being in the service, and I’ll say “focus” from being an Ironworker…you need to “focus’ when you’re walking on a six-inch beam high in the air, especially on a windy day in New Jersey.

TDQ: Besides feature films, you’ve also been in sitcoms like “Two and a Half Men” and “Happy Endings” as well as primetime dramas “Revenge” and “House MD” and daytime soaps. What are the different challenges in filming such different types of programs?

BA: Well sitcoms, you usually work and rehearse all week, and then shoot it in front of a live audience, where dramas, you will shoot many different takes until the director gets what he wants, and in soaps, you really need to know your lines, because you usually just get one or two takes, and then they move on to the next scene, it’s very fast paced.

TDQ: If you had to choose between starring in a sitcom or a drama or only being a movie star, which would you pick?

BA: Wow! They all sound delicious :)…in all honesty, I would be equally happy with any of those choices, just to be able to work steady in this business, is an honor that not many people get. I’m going to just keep working hard, and praying hard too. :)

TDQ: Where do you see yourself in five years?

BA: Right where I am now, doing what I love, being an actor.

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