Stoner High School Senior’s Life Completely Transformed After Being Convinced To Watch “JFK”

Mind Blown by JFK Movie

High school senior Bobby Leslie hasn’t shared all of his thoughts on the JFK assassination but we are pretty sure he is in support of the “grassy knoll” theory, if you catch my drift,

Corvallis, OR—Crescent Valley High School senior Bobby Leslie, 18, said he wasn’t really into watching Oliver Stone’s controversial film about the Kennedy assassination, “JFK,” when his classmate initially suggested they view it last month. But after watching the film, Leslie said his life has been changed forever, and he knows now it’s his mission in life to see the real conspirators brought to justice.

“I totally didn’t want to watch the movie at first, when my buddy Lee told me what he had brought over,” Leslie said. “But, I mean, Lee was the guy who made me watch “The Wizard of Oz” scene where that munchkin hung himself in the background, and then we watched it listening to Pink Floyd, too, so I had to cut Lee some slack that he knew what he was talking about with this movie. Plus, he brought some mushrooms, so that was cool.”

Leslie said before he watched the movie, he only had a vague idea of who John F. Kennedy was, and had never heard of the Warren Commission or Lee Harvey Oswald. But now he has a much greater appreciation for history thanks to Stone and “that ‘Uncle Buck’ dude.”

“You know, I ain’t ever been interested in American history or anything,” Leslie said. “But if s— like this was going down 50 years ago, then maybe I’m gonna have to start paying attention in class and stuff. I mean, to think that our government can plan something so intricate as an assassination of our own president, it’s got to make you think. But I can’t figure out why nobody ever did no time for capping this Kennedy dude. How’s come nobody’s in jail or nothing after this movie came out? That really gets me.”

Leslie said he hopes to raise awareness of the issue of the Kennedy conspiracy and the resulting cover-up using social media to enlist the aid of “people who can get to the bottom of this like Charlize Theron or Ben Affleck. People who matter.”

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