Stanley Hudson Makes Good On Transition From Office To Runway

Stanley Hudson: Flab to Fab

Stanley Hudson made the most of his transition from office worker to fashion designer by designing his way into the season finale.

Much like in his longtime role in the documentary series, The Office, Stanley Hudson found that lethargy triumphed over ambition at Fashion Week. In the finale of this season’s Project Runway, Hudson struggled with motivation and timelines, completing many of his garments at the last minute, just as his models were headed for the runway.

In his sales work at Dunder Mifflin, the company featured for more than nine years in a documentary series that has recently wrapped production, Hudson was known for being lazy, disinterested, socially distant, and motivated only by his paycheck. His signature crossword puzzle book accompanied him to every meeting, where he listlessly penciled in words and studiously ignored his boss and colleagues.

Surprisingly, Hudson excelled in the team challenges early in the season. Although he was often characterized as controlling, he was praised for his work with others and attention to detail. In an interview early in the season, Hudson described his enthusiasm for his new profession, and zest for life following his departure from Dunder Mifflin.

Unfortunately, Hudson’s early season ambition and success did not translate to a powerful finish in the season finale. His collection was described as not a collection at all, but a group of pieces, mostly for old ladies, which were hastily thrown together. Guest judge Michael Kors proclaimed that his signature gown conjured an image of Betty White on Dancing With the Stars, and the other judges focused on his lack of “gusto to do anything properly.”

Hudson was not disheartened by the criticism, however, remarking “The team aspect scared the crap out of me because I don’t like people very much, but Project Runway brought me out of my shell.” A return to paper sales is unlikely for this up and coming fashion designer, whose star is suddenly shining brighter now that season winner Michelle undergoes scrutiny for possibly ‘borrowing’ designs from Cinna, the Panem wardrobe designer portrayed by Lenny Kravitz in the recent movie, The Hunger Games. A Project Runway spokesman declined to comment on the investigation surrounding Michelle, but remarked that he was pleased with Hudson’s efforts.

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