Ben Affleck To Direct Film Based On “Miracle On The Hudson” Plane Incident

Miracle on the Hudson

Miracle on the Hudson is fully expected to garner another Oscar for Affleck.

Los Angeles—Representatives for director/actor/Oscar snub Ben Affleck have confirmed that he will soon begin work on a movie about the airplane that landed safely in the Hudson River in January 2009. Affleck will direct the film and have a hand in the screenwriting.

“Like his last blockbuster project, ‘Argo,’ this destined-to-be-a-hit will be based on the incident, rather than an exact retelling of the heroic story,” said an Affleck spokesman. “For instance, in the real story, Captain Sully Sullenberger safely downed the plane after Canadian geese flew into the plane’s path and stalled the engines. In the movie, those birds will be Iranian geese who had an ulterior motive and were trying to kill a high-ranking government official on the plane. Plus, the real event only took like six minutes. Obviously, nobody wants to see a six-minute movie, so this will take a little longer. Sully will have to deal with British and New Zealand air traffic controllers who refuse to let him land the wounded aircraft, so he has no other choice but to ditch in the Hudson River. It’s very gripping.”

No word yet on who will play the plane’s pilot, or whether the character will be Sullenberger himself, or somebody based on Sullenberger. Though some other characters have been cast.

Matt Damon will reunite with his old pal Affleck and play a genius anti-social government agent who uses his gift for math to help land the plane. Jason Lee has been cast as a snarky air traffic controller who secretly helps the plane land in the middle of New York without the Iranian secret guard learning about it before it’s too late.

“Ben has been batting around the idea of playing Sully himself,” the spokesman confirmed. “But he also may make Sully a blind lawyer superhero with heightened senses. Nothing is written in stone, but that would be fun to see.”

Denzel Washington has been cast as the president-elect who invites the hero pilot and his crew to his inauguration.

Filming is scheduled to begin in June.

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