Granddaughter of Andrea Doria Shipwreck Survivor Sues Over “Seinfeld” Episode

The Andrea Doria

Leann Braverman, Andrea Doria survivor relative, is hoping the ship can provide one last life raft in the way of a cash settlement as she is sinking in debt.

Los Angeles—The granddaughter of a survivor of the Andrea Doria shipwreck from 1956 has filed suit against Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David and Sony over emotional distress brought on by the classic “Seinfeld” TV episode that “pokes fun in a malicious and callous manner at one of the worst maritime tragedies the world has ever known.”

Leann Braverman, 32, whose grandfather was a passenger on the Andrea Doria and survived the incident, said in her lawsuit that she has suffered irreparable emotional damage from watching the episode, has lost sleep and can’t maintain a relationship.

“Whenever my client watches the episode on TV, as it often airs in syndication,” said Braverman’s attorney, Neil Candelaria, “or watches it on DVD, she is overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety, fear, mental anguish and depression over the egregious disregard for the incident shown by not only the characters in the episode, but by the writers and creators of the program, as well as Sony Pictures, who owns the rights to the show.”

As everyone knows who watched “Seinfeld,” the Andrea Doria collided with the Stockholm in dense fog 21 miles off the coast of Nantucket. 51 people died, and there were 1,650 survivors.

Braverman’s grandfather, Zeke Braverman, died in 2006 from natural causes at the age of 87. It was while reading her grandfather’s obituary that Leann Braverman learned of his connection to the incident. The lawsuit is seeking $1.75 million in damages. Representatives for Sony, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David did not return messages left for comment.

Candelaria said he would be happy to speak to other potential victims of the show’s hateful, hurtful attitude, and would have no problem turning Braverman’s suit into a class action suit. His phone number can be found on any number of bus stop benches in and around Los Angeles, and in today’s copy of “Variety.”

5 thoughts on “Granddaughter of Andrea Doria Shipwreck Survivor Sues Over “Seinfeld” Episode

  1. You have to be kidding me!!! She is trying to cash in… had a nervous breakdown at the funeral where her granddad passed after a long life… and now Seinfeld is causing her trauma?

    Money grabbing twit! Hope she loses and will have to pay the court fees and Seinfeld attorney’s fees.

    Gotta get hit hard financially… let’s see her then getting anxiety attacks!

    No patience!

  2. Here’s a novel concept: Don’t watch it! There is this niftly thing called a remote control that changes the channels. Oh and watching the DVD – you don’t have to put it in the player! Come on lady, get real!

  3. I have been unable to find any real news story regarding this lawsuit. I googled everywhere. Can you provide a link or source?

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