Manti Te’o Forms Great, Meaningful Relationship With Head Coach Of St. Louis Gunners NFL Team

St. Louis Gunners

Te’o held what he is referring to as a “press conference” to announce the news.

Bradenton, FL-—Former Notre Dame player and current NFL hopeful Manti Te’o told reporters yesterday that he met and quickly developed a very deep, strong relationship with the head coach of the St. Louis Gunners of the NFL while he was at the NFL combine in Indianapolis last week.

“I just… I feel like we really clicked,” Te’o said. “The scouts, the head coach, the GM, we all got along really, really well. I’m excited about the future of my relationship with the St. Louis Gunners organization.”

Te’o said he even spent the first few nights after the combine on the phone late with the Gunners head coach, and fell asleep with his phone to his ear. “It was so peaceful, hearing him breathing on the other end of the phone. And I know it helped him get through the night as well.”

Te’o said he has exchanged numerous texts with the coach since the combine, as well as speaking on the phone “at least four or five times a day. At least.” It is unclear if Te’o has violated any NFL rules about communication with head coaches after the combine.

Te’o said he sat and spoke with a few NFL scouts and coaches from other teams, but instantly felt a connection when he sat down face-to-face with the Gunners coach that was lacking when he spoke to other teams. “It’s hard to explain. Sometimes you just know when you’ve met the right person, the person who will change your life, and you’re destined to spend your entire career with. And that happened to me.”

Te’o said he called his parents the night after meeting the Gunners coach and expressed how happy he was. Te’o’s father, Brian, said, “It was so nice to hear in his voice how happy he was, how confident and at peace he was after meeting this new coach. I have no doubt this will lead to a long and productive partnership.”

The Daily Quarterly was unable to reach any members of the NFL franchise for comment.

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