New Clive Davis Autobiography Reveals His Roles In “New Coke” And His Invention Of The iPad

Clive Davis

A rare glimpse inside Clive Davis Laboratories where the magic happens.

Los Angeles—Former “American Idol” winner and star of stage and screen Kelly Clarkson isn’t the only celebrity named and skewered in record mogul Clive Davis’ new autobiography, “The Soundtrack of My Life.” Davis also said that he tried his best to prevent “massive career mistakes” that other protégé’s made, and at the same time resisted taking credit for some tremendous inventions and ideas that have helped change the world, namely, the iPad.

Early in the book, Davis said that he “wasted, ultimately, more than a month of my precious time” trying to convince Coca-Cola executives not to change the classic formula back in 1985. The advice that Davis tried to give the execs, including one former record company employee who was instrumental in the soft drink maker’s decision to “update the taste or some such nonsense,” fell on deaf ears. But David was quickly proven correct in his assessment, and was sent “a lifetime supply of the caramel-colored drink, though in all honesty,” Davis said he prefers “Tab.”

Davis also said in the book that he pitched the idea of the iPad to Steve Jobs himself, but “only in its most early stages; it was more of an abstract thing. If I had the time, I certainly could have designed it, but I was mostly thinking how it could be used in a musical setting. Give Stevie the credit for taking it that extra step in all the other amazing things the iDavis (that’s what Stevie and I jokingly called it) and making it a hit.”

Davis said that Jobs and other Apple executives offered to give Davis “nearly a third of the company as thanks,” but Davis politely declined “the generous offer. Those great kids. We knew whose idea it really was, that’s all that matters.”

Other tidbits from Davis’ book include the fact that he told Bruce Willis to just stick to the “’Dying Hard’ (sic) flicks, and don’t to that stupid robber movie, that ‘Hudson Hawk’ dreck. But Bruce didn’t listen.” Davis also said that he had heard Susan Boyle sing at a Christmas party years before she was “discovered” by Simon Cowell on “Britain’s Got Talent,” but that Boyle didn’t want to sign a contract with Davis at the time because of all she’d read about his feuding with Clarkson. “Big mistake on her part. Not that I blame Kelly, but it certainly could be viewed as collateral damage from her behavior in making music with me. That and her movie career.”

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