Pope Benedict XVI Resigns To Open Bed And Breakfast Outside Venice

Benedict's Bed & Breakfast

Benedict’s Bed & Breakfast has a perks list that few can rival.

Vatican City, Italy—After several weeks of soul-searching (literally), Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict XVI, announced his resignation after nearly eight years as head of the Catholic Church. The pope said it’s been a great ride, but he never shut the door on his dream of wanting to own a bed and breakfast, and decided that now was the time.

“It’s just, you know, something I’ve always wanted to do,” the pope, 85, said. “And I figured it’s now or never, so here we go.”

The pope put a down payment on a small villa in a village just outside Venice, and with a little restoration and “some Papal elbow grease, if you will” he said, he hopes to open up the B&B by the end of the summer.

“Sure, I’ll miss some things,” the pope said. “It’s a good gig. I got to see that movie ‘Skyfall’ before it hit theaters, that was pretty cool. And I have no problem getting great seats when rock stars are in town. I do wish I could have seen Taylor Swift do a show live, though. That would have been cool.”

It is unclear if the pope will have a staff to help him run the bed and breakfast, or if he plans on being the sole proprietor. He also said he planned to start up a blog, but wasn’t sure if it would be only about bed and breakfasts, only about religion, or a mashup of the two.

“A lot of people don’t know this,” the pope said, “but when Pope Gregory XII resigned from the Papacy 600 years ago, he also left so he could open a B&B. Fun fact!”

The pope said he will likely spend his upcoming down time, before the tourist season really hits Venice, catching up on his recorded episodes of “Downton Abby.” “Please, no spoiler alerts!” he said.

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