Book-Binding Company Turns Pulp Fiction Trash Covers Into Classy-Looking Reads

Trash to Treasure: Leather Book Covers

Turn your most embarrassing reads into classy leather bound volumes.

Wheeling, WV—If you’ve got a few titles in your reading library you’re not all that proud of, or don’t want certain friends to see when they visit, you might have a new option when it comes to what’s seen on your bookshelf.

Leather-bound Classics, a book-binding company founded in 2009, will take any existing book in your personal library and cover it to make it look like a literary classic, and they’ll even use a classic title, if you’d rather not even display the book’s real name.

“So many dumb f——- today ain’t got anything good on their reading shelf or in their bathrooms,” said company CEO and founder Zeke White. “It’s all about class with us, you know? If some dumb s— don’t want his relations or his girlfriend or whatnot seeing what f—— book he’s trying to read, they can come to us.”

White said he came up with the idea to market leather-bound books after an awkward encounter he experienced when one of his hunting buddies used his bathroom and found a copy of “Twilight” White was almost done with.

“One of the worst days of my f—— life,” White said. “This f—– comes in to take a s— and he sees that g—— book in there. I said to myself, you stupid f—. If only you’d had some other cover on that book, he never would have known it was f—— ‘Twilight.’”

White said that incident cost him a lifelong friend, but he gained a terrific marketing idea, and the company made more than $100,000.00 in 2012, and is projected to bring in nearly $250,000.00 next year.

“I done bounded all six books I owned after that happened, and I ain’t looked back,” White said. “I  doubled my own personal library, and might even get a couple more books next year. Who knows?”

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