Source: There Are Actually Six Versions Of Charlie Sheen; Only Martin Knows Which Is The Real One Anymore

Charlie Sheens

Some say 6 is a conservative estimate. Some claim there are 2 or 3 times that many Charlie Sheens, as evidenced in this graph.

Los Angeles—A source allegedly close to the Sheen/Estevez family has exclusively sent an e-mail to The Daily Quarterly that confirms what we have long suspected: There are actually six people posing as Charlie Sheen in Hollywood, a fact that completely explains his up-and-down behavior and erratic ramblings of the past several years.

The source also said there is only one person in Charlie’(s)’ life(ves) who can concretely tell the real Sheen from the fake ones: his father, Martin.

The e-mail read, in part, “like saddam hoosain’s (sic) doubles, youve (sic) got the creative, awesome charlie (sic) who would show up to do the show tapings (for “Two and a Half Men) but you also got the mean charlie (sic) that would more often then (sic) not get in front of the camara (sic) when shows like tmz was there and everthing (sic). then the other 4 where (sic) somewhere inbetween (sic), but could function as passable charlies (sic) and could do red carpet stuff and events when the real charlie (sic) could stay home.”

The source did not elaborate why Sheen’s siblings, including actor Emilio Estevez, were unable to differentiate between the other Sheens, or how long Sheen has been utilizing doubles. They were able to confirm that all six are still working as Sheen, but it’s “the real charlie (sic), the likable 1 thats (sic) working on the new show (FX’s ‘Anger Management’).”

When asked about the allegations that half a dozen individuals are all posing as the same actor, and have been for years, Jon Cryer, Sheen’s former co-star on “Two and a Half Men,” said, “Well, I don’t know if it’s the truth or not, but it sure would go a long way in explaining the changes in attitude and behavior he exhibited from day to day. Boy.”

TDQ tried to make contact with any of the Charlies, but have been unsuccessful. We are pretty sure they all would have the same agent.

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