Harrison Ford Curses At, Hangs Up On Reporter Who Called Him For A “Where Are They Now” TV Segment

Harrison Ford, IMDB

We are going to have to side with Australian reporter Ollie Wilcher on this one. We looked up Harrison Ford on IMDB and we don’t recognize any of his films.

Los Angeles—With the recent news about “Star Wars” creator George Lucas selling his empire to the Disney company a few weeks ago, interest in the sci-fi mega-franchise once again peaked within the media, and some foreign television news agencies thought it would be a good idea to do a “Where are they Now?” segment on the franchise’s stars.

But when Ollie Wilcher, a TV reporter from Bisbane, Australia got on the phone with Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford, to interview him about his life and career after “Star Wars,” Ford, known to be a bit prickly with the press anyway, was rather miffed that the reporter didn’t know about Ford’s turn as Indiana Jones or his roles in “Witness” or “The Fugitive.”

“I’m not sure what’s more pathetic,” Ford was recorded as saying to the reporter. “That you yourself haven’t heard of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ or ‘Witness,’ or that you’re too lazy to do some research. They do have the internet in Australia, don’t they? You have access to this IMDB thing I’ve read about? Maybe Google ‘Harrison Ford’ before you get on the phone with me? Jackass.”

It is unclear if perhaps the time difference between California and Australia made Ford a bit cranky while doing the live interview. It was about 1:15 am in Los Angeles when the interview took place.

Wilcher tried to move past Ford’s rant and continue with the interview, mentioning the work that Ford’s co-stars, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fischer had done recently, but that seemed to only make Ford’s mood worse.

“Did you call me on here to talk about their careers or mine?” Ford said. “Because I’m sure they’d much rather discuss what they’re doing themselves, instead of me wasting my time talking to you. I mean, hell, I could be talking to a f—— kangaroo and it’d be a better interview than this. Put, put me on the air with a f—— kangaroo, maybe he’s heard of ‘Presumed Innocent’ or ‘Cowboys and Aliens.’ You hack.”

It was at this point that Ford disconnected the call and Wilcher hastily segued into a segment comparing the Ewoks to koala bears.

We didn’t dare call Ford for a comment on this story.

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