Woman Out Of Her Mind With Rage Over Tom Hanks Cursing On Live TV

Boise, ID—A woman is terribly disturbed and heartbroken over Tom Hanks’ recent language snafu on “Good Morning America,” wherein the two-time Academy Award winner accidentally said the F-word on live television while speaking in the voice of one of his characters from his upcoming film, “Cloud Atlas.” In fact, the woman said she is so upset over the incident that she is calling for Hanks to give back his Oscars and leave the country immediately.

Candy Stephenson, 43, who described herself as a “huge former Hanks fan,” is petitioning for Hanks to be stripped of his two Oscars, and said no matter what else he’s done in his career to this point, it’s his language on “Good Morning America” he will be most remembered for, as it should be.

“I mean, sure, his performance in ‘Philadelphia’ was mesmerizing,” Stephenson said. “And every time I watch ‘Forrest Gump’ I cry my eyes out because he is so incredible in it. And yes, he was fantastic in ‘Apollo 13.’ And don’t get me started on his performance in ‘Saving Private Ryan.’ But facts are facts, and F-bombs are F-bombs. He needs to go. Maybe that horrible language is okay in England, or Canada or Britain or somewhere. But not here.”

Hanks immediately apologized after his gaffe, and later even attempted a mea culpa on Twitter, saying, “Oops! In character! Sorry!” But that is still not enough for Stephenson to back down.

Stephenson said she didn’t actually see the incident, as she was sleeping off a hangover, but as soon as she heard about it on Twitter three days later, she was furious. “I was out of my mind with rage. I immediately burned every single VHS tape and DVD I had of all of his movies, including ‘Big.’ And I really loved ‘Big.’ But he lost me with that terrible behavior. Twenty-five years of movie magic down the drain. He’s as bad as Lindsay Lohan now, if you ask me. No, scratch that. He’s worse than Lindsay Lohan. Much worse.”

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