“I Could Do A Triple Somersault And It Would Be A Cakewalk Compared To Doing Comedy:” A TDQ Q&A With Actress And Author Carolyn Hennesy, Part 2

Carolyn Hennesy

Some people say this category at the annual The Daily Quarterly Awards was tailor made for Carolyn Hennesy to win. To that we say, “What? Did you say something?”

TDQ: Tell us about the Pandora series of books.

Hennesy: Pandora (Pandy) is your average teenaged every-girl who lives in ancient Greece. Best friends, bullies, crushes, family issues…oh, and also semi-immortal. She finds the box containing all the evil in the world and decides it would be very cool to take to school for a class project. Naturally, the box is opened and everything gets loose. Pandy is given a choice by the king of the gods, Zeus: eternal torture and torment OR she must get everything that got out of the box back into the box. She chooses the quest and the books are the story of her amazing adventures as she sets out to right her wrong. Her two best friends travel with her and together they must live by their wits; fighting for each other, sometimes with each other, learning about the world, using cool magical tools, dealing with gods and monsters and becoming strong, funny, lovely young women.

TDQ: What’s the status of the sixth book in the Pandora series?

Hennesy: She’s out, she’s up, she’s running wild on the bookstore shelves.

Carolyn Hennesy's Pandora

TDQ: What’s more challenging-filming a soap opera like “General Hospital” or filming a TV series like “True Blood?”

Hennesy: The soap, most definitely…speed counts, accuracy counts. Your “garbage” memory comes into full play. And by that I mean that there are so many lines of dialogue you simply cannot commit them to your long term memory: they have to go in and then immediately out. Which is why when fans come up and repeat a line of dialogue that they particularly loved, sometimes…most times…you’ll see me nod and smile because I just can’t remember it.

TDQ: Did you read the True Blood books before you started working on the series?

Hennesy: I had not read them, no.

TDQ: One of your hobbies is studying and working on the trapeze. You also were a member of the Groundlings. What’s scarier-performing comedy in front of an audience or flying on the trapeze?

Hennesy: Oh, puh-leeze, I could do a triple somersault and it would be a cakewalk compared to doing comedy. Comedy takes your breath away…but, for me, it’s also my “oxygen.” Flying isn’t absolutely necessary for me to get up in the morning. Comedy is.

Learn more about Carolyn and Pandora at Carolyn’s website. And follow her on Twitter. Here is part 1 of our TDQ Q&A with Carolyn,

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