Source: Suzanne Somers “This Close” To Finally Letting Joyce DeWitt Back Into Show Business

Joyce DeWitt

Suzanne Somers has decided to lift the non-acting decree she placed on DeWitt decades ago. Some are calling Somers’ offer for a role in a rumored Thighmaster commercial an olive branch. Others say Somers is just rubbing salt in the wound.

Los Angeles—A source close to “She’s the Sheriff” actress and fitness queen Suzanne Somers has quietly confirmed exclusively to The Daily Quarterly that Somers is close to reversing her Hollywood edict that Joyce DeWitt, Somers’ former “Three’s Company” co-star, not be allowed any acting jobs under any circumstances.

“Joyce has literally been waiting for this for decades,” the source said under the condition of anonymity. “She’s busy now trying to land herself a new agent, and has been trying to line up auditions, something she hasn’t been able to do since the mid ‘80s.”

Somers first issued the non-acting decree for DeWitt shortly after she was written out of “Three’s Company,” feeling that DeWitt didn’t sufficiently support Somers’ extravagant, outrageous salary and working conditions demands. Once she was off the show, Somers went to work exacting revenge on people on the crew and the producers, but eventually lifted all the decrees, except on DeWitt.

Such decrees between actors are not uncommon in Hollywood. John Travolta had similar edicts issued at various times for all of his former sweathog classmates that starred with him on “Welcome Back, Kotter.” Even the lead from that program, Gabe Kaplan, was forced to take up poker for a while to make ends meet after a lengthy time period where Travolta wouldn’t let anyone hire him.

And Harrison Ford famously threatened Mark Hamill with a non-acting decree after Hamill appeared on talk shows and radio stations doing a spot-on impression of Ford. Even now, Hamill doesn’t do the impression.

The source said Somers herself has been tinkering with the idea of giving DeWitt her first acting gig in decades, possibly in a new Thighmaster infomercial. “It’s been a while since the last Thighmaster show was produced,” the source said. “Suzanne thinks it would be a hoot to re-introduce both the Thighmaster and Joyce to a whole new audience that is awake between 3 and 3:30 am.”

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  1. Hahaha -Absolutely love this article. Funniest one I have read in a while. Not to throw a wrench into your journalistic research abilities but wasn’t it Suzanne Sommers who wad left the show not DeWitt?

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