Source: McDonald’s Secretly Infiltrating Wendy’s, Causing Customer Service “To Totally Tank”

Wendy McDonald

The Daily Quarterly has obtained this photo of an alleged fast food double agent. Her name: Wendy McDonald.

Atlanta—An unnamed source with ties to fast-food restaurant giant McDonald’s has told The Daily Quarterly exclusively that employees of McDonald’s have been getting themselves hired at fast-food competitor Wendy’s over the past 24 months, and have “systematically, slowly been destroying” the reputation of Wendy’s in an effort to drive the chain out of business.

“I mean, just think about it,” the source said. “When was the last time you had a pleasant dining experience at Wendy’s? Can you even remember? I seriously doubt it.”

The source said the plot started in the southeastern United States around July 2010, when people still on the McDonald’s payroll would go and get hired by Wendy’s. They were instructed to start off eager and with a good attitude, but to slowly start to treat customers shabbily and deliberately bungle orders, in the hopes that customers would leave the chain in droves and never return.

“I’ve heard of a few restaurants,” the source said, “like one in Maitland, Florida, where the entire place is run by people with ties to McDonald’s. From the manager on down, they’re all getting paid by McDonald’s to ruin the dining experience of Wendy’s customers. It’s really quite brilliant.”

The source went on to say that on a recent family trip, he himself saw horrible customer service and people walking out of Wendy’s establishments in Clayton, Georgia; Jacksonville, Florida and West Palm Beach, Florida. “It was unreal, just unreal. Customers standing in line for nearly a half hour, only to have their orders completely mangled, cashiers being incredibly rude to customers, yelling at them as other customers leave angrily, it was like a bad movie.”

The source said the plan is working all too well. “It’s insidious,” the source said. “I’ve only heard of this type of thing a few times, like with Target being attacked by Walmart a few years ago. The customer service there was awful for a while, but Target management eventually caught on before it got too bad, and weeded out the lousy employees. I’m afraid, though, that it might be too late for Wendy’s. I’ve lost sleep over how horrible the Wendy’s experience is now. I don’t know if they can recover.”

Phone calls and e-mails to Wendy’s corporate headquarters were not returned, which, actually, seems to confirm the source’s claims…

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